View Full Version : FM Question : Shore Leave

19th Oct 2002, 00:48
In the same building where you go down to the burrick area, there is a short ladder down to a red door that I have found(so far) to be unopenable. How do I get in there ? :)

My top-10-of-2001-love of this mission has diminished somewhat; with all the transporter pads, coins, and somewhat scripted ending, but it is still one fine ride. :)

19th Oct 2002, 01:39
That door is the one that you probably saw down in the sewers. It's at the end of a room that is partially blocked by fallen timbers. The door is openable only on Normal, as a shorter route up to the surface. You've undoubtedly already been on both sides of it.

19th Oct 2002, 15:41
Thanks Nightwalker ! Yes, I've been there, just didn't make the connection between the door and the blocked area. :)