View Full Version : In "Remeriz's Reveange" were is the chisle?

Keeper Collins
18th Oct 2002, 21:05
Normally,I'm asking how to complete one of the Expert objectives but in this Case I already completed those. I got my hands on a holy artafact and I stole from the first High Prests Tomb. I riadied the Hammer Compound and the undergruond dead area but still can't find the chisle. The clue from Lord Motonrose's bedchambers did'nt help much either. So were is the chisle?

19th Oct 2002, 01:46
It's in the big building in the underground area, the one with the haunts and zombies. Go all the way upstairs, then up a ladder. There's a room with a key on a desk. Pick that up, then pull the lever on the wall that has an upside-down hammer above it. You'll be teleported to another, almost identical room. Pull the lever under the upside-down hammer again. Repeat that until you get to a room with box. Use the key to open it and you'll find the chisel. :)