View Full Version : crash to desktop SOLUTION (for me, anyway)

18th Oct 2002, 06:12
i finally solved my random crash to desktop problems in Hitman 2. I just played 25 glorious minutes of Hidden Valley (Which used to crash to desktop after about a minute) and then went back and did other missions from before, not a single crash after a couple hours!

what's the secret, kaylee, you ask? WELL I'm not exactly certain, but it's running as smooth as butter now and so here's the things I did since last crash:

* defragmented my C drive (even though my Hitman 2 Installation is on my E drive)
* switched DrawDll to Renderopengl.dll (it was D3D before)
* turned back on Hardware Acceleration, AGP Texturing Acceleration, weather effects, draw distance, EAX sound

I'm thinking its the DrawDLL thing that did most of the work.

things I did before:

* disabled Hardware Accelleration in DXDiag <-- still crashed
* disabled AGP Texturing Acceleration in DXDiag <-- still crashed
* turned weather effects off <-- still crashed
* turned draw distance down <-- still crashed
* added EAXDisable=1 to the ini <-- still crashed
* played with graphic options <-- still crashed
* updated my SBLive DRivers <-- still crashed
* updated my ATI8500 Drivers <-- still crashed
* updated my motherboard drivers <-- still crashed
* installed the newest VIA 4-in-1 driver <-- still crashed
* re-installed DirectX 8.1 <-- still crashed
* ritualistically danced around my computer <-still crashed

Although, come to think of it, it _might_ have been my ritualistic dancing around the computer in combination with the alignment of the moons. Oh well, I'm happy.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone! I don't know what I did to fix it, but it's all good now. I don't know what combination of the things I did you'll have to do to get it working, but have faith, take heart, and don't despair!

Going back in for more sniping action!

Kaylee Chen