View Full Version : How do I pick a lock (I know, daft question)

18th Oct 2002, 04:49
Level 4 (Something Torpedo): So I get to the bottom of the guards' quarters, waste the general through the observation room and then try to get into the interrogation room. I press the action/use button, I'm told the door is locked. I hit key 7 to get out the lockpick but if I hit the action/use button, it still says the door is locked. I press the fire weapon button. This doesn't work either. HELP!! I have lockpick and I can't use it...

18th Oct 2002, 07:45
That door cannot be picked. You have to go through the broken observation room window.

18th Oct 2002, 13:18
Or you can do something to get the general to come into the observation lounge before you kill him -- he very kindly leaves the door unlocked.