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18th Oct 2002, 04:06
I was running a sandbox game, and came across some weird behavior. First was when I built a space dock, no traders would come to it. I'd get meessages from them, but none would ever dock, and just go elsewhere. The only time they'd ever dock is when I'd get two at once. I tried several times to rebuild my dock, but it never fixed the problem. I didn't start to get normal docking until I got a second star dock built.

Second, I have the targatelli mission installed, and I started getting missions from the targetelli mission in my sandbox game, but only after continuing it from a save file. Weeeird ...

Anyone else seen this?

18th Oct 2002, 09:34
The Targetelli missions are designed to take part in the sandbox mode I think - but only after quite some time (based on cash / station size if I remember correctly).

Also, are you playing against any computer players? If so the trader's transmission goes to EVERYONE on the station - and you are getting beaten to the response. First come, first served. Get more ComSat's / more skilled Targs.

19th Oct 2002, 11:39
Originally posted by cryptophore
I have the targatelli mission installed
This I've never heard of. Is this a mod not found at the post?

Originally posted by DMA57361
The Targetelli missions are designed to take part in the sandbox mode I think
Sandbox mode is designed to let you play the game with no critical missions at all. In your own sandbox there are no bullys to kick your castle down.

Of course, if this is a mod than there's every chance they've either implemented it incorrectly or purposely inserted in into the Sandbox. I think that is cruel and unusal and they should make their own Sandbox if that is the case, like The Randomiser (Good job on that, by the way.).

19th Oct 2002, 13:22
The Targetelli mission was produced by someone/people (?) at Muckyfoot! It was designed to slot into the skirmishs if you wanted it to.

Link coming . . . .


Can't find a link for it. Muckyfoot - that website is a bit hecktic to find stuff on . . . just my quick comment.

19th Oct 2002, 15:28
Interesting. I don't remember how I first found the targatelli mission, but I seemed ilke it was an 'official' released mission for Startopia.
It still can be found at

21st Oct 2002, 03:47
To remove the Targatelli aspect from Sandbox mode, follow the instructions in the ReadMe file:

The line '{missions\00\mobsters00.txt}' has been added to files 'mish98.txt' and 'mish98-2.txt'
To remove mobsters from your sandbox game, edit these two files and comment out the line.

To comment out this line -


change it to this -


Alpha Omega, why is this mod not at your site?