View Full Version : Another small detail they left out that I miss.

17th Oct 2002, 21:47
Footprints in the snow. I know it's not a real big deal but they did a great job with this in NOLF2. It really adds to the realism of the snow. The graphics are so excellent with the real time shadows and the fantastic sound effects but no footprints kind of spoil it for me a bit. Yea I know, nitpicky, but it's the little things that add up to make a game really great. Kind of like the missing bullet hole decals. They never caused much of a hit graphically because they faded away so quickly but it was cool to see them anyway.

18th Oct 2002, 14:48
Along with no mirror reflection. I think 47 has turned into a vampire.

18th Oct 2002, 20:09
I miss mirror reflections and ability to use two handguns at the same time. Why discard such great features in the sequel?

18th Oct 2002, 23:05
Yea they really left out some good stuff for some reason. Of course they added in some really good stuff too. Maybe next time they'll put it all together along with some slightly more realistic death animations. I can dig the rag doll effect but they shouldn't fly back across the room when you shoot them.