View Full Version : Ok Beat the game

17th Oct 2002, 16:58
Beat the game in 3 days. Cool game but a bit short.

17th Oct 2002, 17:13
Yeah, but have you beaten it on Professional, with a Silent Assassin rating on every level? With 0 Innocents Harmed, 0 Close Calls, and 0 Alerts? Huh? Hmm? Have ya? :D

Note: I haven't yet, either. Still stuck on Mission 11.

17th Oct 2002, 19:01
No, no desire to either.

Talk about frusturating.

17th Oct 2002, 19:30
Yeah... it really can be frustrating :)

17th Oct 2002, 20:10
I wonder if Walton Simons would have the patience to play this game?


17th Oct 2002, 20:30
Walton would have just shot Father Vittorio as he was being dragged away, thus alleviating his need to track him down. He's very much a "cut the rope rather than try to untie the knot" fella. :)

17th Oct 2002, 21:59
Who is Father Vittorio?

lol... Just kidding.

Anyway, I will attempt to beat the game in a more stealthy manner.

I do think the game could have been a bit longer though.

17th Oct 2002, 23:39
The game would have taken me less than two hours to finish if I just run through each mission with blazing hardballers, looking for the exclamation points. Of course, I would estimate that it has taken me about 20-30 hours to date, having played each mission to achieve a minimum rating of "Professional," and I still have three huge missions left.

18th Oct 2002, 00:06
Yup, like Zaphod I did the Silent Assassin on every mission approach and I've spent a good 30 hours on the game. I also have had much more fun doing it this way, I love stealth :)

18th Oct 2002, 14:54
Had the game for a week and I am only at the first Indian mission because of aiming for Silent Assassin in every mission. Of course, every so often I get frustrated and put bullets into everyone I see.

21st Oct 2002, 23:04
The game is so much funner when you take the time to figure out how to do everything silent. I can only imagine how repetative it would be to do the entire damned game with guns blazing the whole way through