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17th Oct 2002, 07:55
Weather it is true or not. My latest issue of Game Informer Magazine has a big two page add for BO2. In the to left corner it has a little triangle saying "NOW AVAILABLE for GameCube"
persoanlly as a PS2 and X-box owner, I find this to be a joke. The gamecube is a kids macine. It is full of remakes and sequalls to a buch of 'pokemon' type kids games. Accept for Resident Evil series, I think it is a worthless system. Even Perfict Dark is going to the x-box.

What a joke!

17th Oct 2002, 09:41
Sorry, but I disagree with you strongly. Gamecube is a fine system with a whole lot of exclusive titles, whereas quite a few are mature rated. And there is nothing wrong with familyfriendly games. It is the gameplay that counts.
I believe that releasing Blood Omen on the Cube is not a bad idea at all. The Legacy of Kain series will reach a broader audience, bringing new fans to the series.
Most gamers don`t own all the new systems.

Umah Bloodomen
17th Oct 2002, 15:27
It's true. Chris announced it's release on the GC well over a month ago.

17th Oct 2002, 16:00
Nintendo definitely seems to be expanding their target market. As an example, Acclaim is going to release what looks to be another in their series of "marketing through attempted shock value" series, BMX XXX, which includes naked women (w00t. polygonal pr0n.). It's not going to be censored on the Gamecube, even though it is on the PS2.

17th Oct 2002, 16:54
polygonal pr0n.

"Pr0n" blincoln? Lol

17th Oct 2002, 17:50
I'm actually going to be turning to the evil side of gaming consoles---I plan on getting a--a---Gamecube.....
And why? Well, primarily, ETERNAL DARKNESS!!!! and maybe Pikmin But primarily ETERNAL DARKNESS!!!
Also, after having Maximo crash after the 2nd environment level(after 1st boss), and being unable to reboot it(had the thing less then 2 weeks-ret'd it for store credit and got a measly $9)...And having the same problem with Ico, I have some PS2 issues now.

18th Oct 2002, 00:22
Raz: =)

I'm definitely going to pickup a Gamecube at some point too. I'm really looking forward to Metroid Prime, I'd like to give Rogue Leader (or whatever that new Rogue Squadron game is called) a try, and of course so I can try out the GC version of BO2.

Lady Kreliana
18th Oct 2002, 00:59
Nintendo is definitely trying to shed their kiddeogame image, which is a good thing, IMO. I think that Nintendo was kind of hindered with the kid game image.

Reaver of Souls
18th Oct 2002, 02:20
...that kiddiegames and family friendly games are getting *very* rare nowadays, or so it seems to me (maybe I don't notice them because I am not looking for them, but whatever.:rolleyes: )
IMO, I think kiddiegames are awesome, it allows electronics to become available to a much generation of gamers (which means plenty of more $$$ for the companies) Bottom line: Kiddie games are cool and fun and there is nothing in the world wrong with them unless you consider yourself above them or too mature, but that's your decision, so oh well..;) :rolleyes: Hindered by the image? Well, maybe a little bit, but in a world of maturity someone needs to pull out the whoopie cushions and balloon animals to remind us that being a kid is about fun, and nothing else.

Secrets Of Nosgoth
21st Oct 2002, 08:43
That Nintendo is a kiddy system really has no warrant. It never really did. The NES had karate champ, Friday the 13th, and double dragon too, not just mario and games like that. Though the sweat on MK1 for SNES didn't help out much :)

but for every mature game that is on the non-kiddy systems there is about two kiddy games for it.

22nd Oct 2002, 04:31
Thats in what, 98 or so days? When Nintendo has been more oriented towards the less violent games, it has some that rank up there in the less (or not) kid games with evil games like Conker's Bad Fur Day(just playing a couple minutes of that at my 3rd cousins was great from what I saw last week) and the Resident Evil series. Then again, some of those less violent series are great to. Final Fantasy ranks up their with the less violence/still good category excluding only really FF7 because of the language. Good game none the less and I finnaly bought for PC after my third disc gave out in the middle of running due to a huge gash (need to buy something to fix that, need to find something to fix that!!!!). It isn't deep at all, but it is long and wide and more of a canyon. FF7 for PC runs great on my comp and with my good controller now, is great. Just plug that into the USB port and configure it and it plays like anything else. I just borrowed a save from a friend with what my game had been liked for PsX. My comp runs great. That is the only reason I never bought a X-box as it is a cheap game running computer with controls sorta like mine I have for Pc though mine is......a lot better.

Resident Evil the remake I have is great. I want Metroid Prime, and didn't a recent press release say the first Metroid game would be an unlockable on the game? Blincoln, wasn't BMX XXX the game with the horable graphics that looks as if it belongs on the Ps1?? I sure thought it did. Unless the graphics get up there, even though the "pr0n" that it is will make it sell, most smarter gamers will avoid it for......errr......better looking games. At least I think that was the bad looking one I've been debating over like a list of other games. Oh well, the list of good games is getting up there like the other systems. I can pick and choose games though having both GcN and Ps2. I have most consols out there in reallity. I still have Pong, Bally and my good old Atari. I miss the old Mario games that play like SM64 though. Sunshine is....err........ I say it is fun yet kinda scaring me in the kiddy aspect. Like Luigi's mansion. Thought he deserved better than Mario is Missing (odd I got it sometime I can't remember and beat it just so fast as it was too easy), but again, another easy game I'm board of. I dislike the fact many series when coming to GcN lost their old aspects (SM64 to sunshine, same for gameplay to Luigi's mansion, Starfox loosing most of the space flight in Starfox Adventure to be an RPG which isn't bad as the next SF game is flying but it made it seem odd, Legend of Zelda to cell shading which with the way the old games were and now the way the series is gooing to be I like the idea). I like the new Zelda game, yet the Tech demo/Smash Brothers Melee(have, beat, play too much like LoK) look I liked better. The series is going back to the roots though with the more cartoonish look and feel and now I love the idea. I liked the old games. Sorta reminds me of how A Link to the Past was sorta like Bo1 yet more SD.

24th Oct 2002, 05:02
I have a Gamecube and a PS2 and I have to agree with NoobSaibot. I heard all this talk about how Nintendo wanted a more mature image, and since they were going to acquire the exclusive rights to Resident Evil (one of my favorite game series) I decided to buy it. I played the Resident Evil remake and it was great. But as soon as I started looking for others games to play on the Gamecube, all I ever saw was Pokemon, Supermario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion and Zelda. I thought to myself "Oh, this must be how Nintendo is going to get rid of their kiddy image".

But as far as the XBOX goes, I have to be honest; American toy companies are the inventors of "sold seperately". I couldn't believe it when I heard you got to buy an extra cable to play DVD movies on the XBOX. What's the matter? Isn't the XBOX big, bulky and powerful enough to do it with just the AC adapter? Soon as I brought my PS2 home, I used the AC adapter from my old Playstation (the original gray console) and it played DVD movies like a dream. Looking back on it now, I should've stuck with my original plan: To buy a PS2 and - with it having the capacity to play music CDs, DVDs and videos games - allow it to be my work horse.

27th Oct 2002, 03:25
Originally posted by Secrets Of Nosgoth
That Nintendo is a kiddy system really has no warrant. It never really did. The NES had karate champ, Friday the 13th, and double dragon too, not just mario and games like that. Though the sweat on MK1 for SNES didn't help out much :)

but for every mature game that is on the non-kiddy systems there is about two kiddy games for it.

I have chosen this quote for a reason. You have to understand something. I am a 15 year player of video games. Back when I got the original NES 8-bit. I was very happy with it. It had and still has one of the best libraries of games ever. It was a very good system. Then the SNES and Sega Genesis came out. I will admit I got the Genesis in this generation, but I held no malice for the SNES. I just wanted to play sonic more than mario.

Here is where my problem started. With out a doubt the, most limited amout of good quality game on a sucsesful system was N64. I really wanted to go back to nintendo for this generation after Saturn bombed. I was betrayed by a lack luster product for a company I knew could do better. And, they still used cartriges which made it way too expedsive. So I went with PSone.

Now we are with the current systems. The gamecube has smaller CD's so no DVD capability. The controller is terrible. Atleast x-box releasted the controler S. And the worst, besides the lack of third party games that are mostly on PS2, the Game Boy advance seams to be their best product-not their home console.

So, now that you know why I feel this way, you can understand that I was most definatly a loyal fan. And I do respect all of your oppinions. And I am even more happy that someone agreed with me before a stated me reasons.
Thank you for your time.


27th Oct 2002, 19:12
Well did you also that Eternal Darkness was developed by silicon Knights, the real guys behind the original Blood Omen, crystal only owns it because they where part publisher during the old days of the Playstation 1! Thats my Idea of it!