View Full Version : Temple City Ambush

17th Oct 2002, 05:23
I could use some help at this point.
I'm doing the Temple City Ambush and i can find 4 assassans, 2 in a window in the south west corner and two off the market place.
One of th etwo off the market place will allow me to photograph it saying first assassan picture taken while the other three targets say it's a waste of film. Where's the other assassan? I tryed to search every crack of the city and i'm having no luck. I'm pretty sick of that level.
Thanks for any help!

EDITED POST: Come on man... no one has any idea why the mission isn't working out???

17th Oct 2002, 19:56
The two targets are 1) man on the street wearing a black hat 2)man in the window wearing a yellow hat. I got sick of that mission as well.

17th Oct 2002, 22:32
I killed 2 guys in the south west corner of the city map but when i try and take the picture of the guy with the yellow hat it says it's a waste of film still. I did get the guy with the black hat and i was able to take his picture no problem. Any idea???

18th Oct 2002, 07:51
Unless you're not close enough to take the photograph, I can't help you. Sorry. This solution worked for me.

4th Dec 2002, 01:04
Hey dude...i kill one assasin on the center of the square. The other assasin is a kind of sniper i think so i kill him when he is is on the second floor of a bulding(in the first square)...just take a photo to the place where assasin body is lying and go on.