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17th Oct 2002, 03:08
Well, I have re-opened The Keep and fixed a few minor bugs like having to Kill the henchman to complete the goal. You now can KO'ed to complete it..Or Kill some and KO some..Any combination of the 2 will work. It seems there is this really cool script that can be added to AIs called TrigBrainDead. Which will send an ON signal to a device when the AI is killed or KO'ed. I knew about it with T2..and it also works for T1. Also you now can escape the inner Keep section via rope arrows and a lot of luck. Here are my stats ..
Time 1 hour 38 min 44 seconds
Loot 2703 out of 2753 (never could find that last 50, even when I first released it)
Pick Pockets 4 out of 6
Locks Picked - 11
Backstabs - None
KOs - 37 (1 while airborne)
Others killed - 13
Damage dealt - 239
Damage taken - 19
Thanx..I still have alittle more tweaking to do, but the end product should be even more enjoyable that it was before..More places to explore (city).
Also has anyone ever found all the loot?

17th Oct 2002, 06:00
Thanks Apache. This will give me an opportunity to play it again. I played it long ago, before I was in the habit of keeping my last saved game, so I can't be sure how much loot I got.

17th Oct 2002, 06:56
Maybe it can't be found? Perhaps it is placed outside an airbrush (accidentally) or you have make an loot object none frobable? - That happend to me in my missions - I have searched for them after Nightwalker sent me her loot lists. :rolleyes:

17th Oct 2002, 21:45
Apache, why don’t you just generate a report with ‘dump everything possible’ with ALL OBJ and PER OBJ ticked? That will give you all the object numbers of all the loot in your FM and you can find out where that missing loot is located! Do you use custom menus in DromED? If so you can then use ‘find object’ and ‘cam to brush’ to go straight to the objects to check them out!

17th Oct 2002, 22:45
Well, I found it. Not sure where it was hiding. I went thru dromed and TAB keyed thru every object, wrote down it's location and value. Then went thru In-game and walked around finding everything in order of playing. I think I'll write up this loot list and send it in with the updated zip.

20th Oct 2002, 02:23

I couldn't wait. I played The Keep again just now. I will play it a third time when it is re-released. I had forgotton what a great mission it is and how much territory there is to explore at the beginning. Definitely one of the best. Excellent game play and scenery.

I hope I am not too late - I have a couple of comments.

I was ghosting it, and I forgot about the objective to kill the henchmen. I ghosted it successfully to the end with one minor exception -- an unavoidable alert of one henchman when I opened the steel door. That includes ghosting all the zombies, not an easy task.:) Then I killed the beast and went back across the ramp using Apache's skull, and I got the "U Win" in flashing lights. Problem was, I had not killed the henchmen, so the mission did not end.

The same problem could occur if you give the BJ option. You might want to do something to avoid the dilemma of no return if you fail to BJ or kill all the henchmen. Frankly, I think that objective is not really necessary, and the problem could be solved just by eliminating it. I think it is more difficult not to kill them. They are actually quite difficult to kill if you confront them, but I took the coward's way out and BJ'ed them first, then dragged them into a corner and finished them off.:) Garrett is brave but not stupid (most of the time). Of course, most players will not be as stupid as I was and miss the objective. :o

I noticed one other thing, which I remember from my first playing. A lot of the textures in the big cave have a speckled multicolor appearance until you get close to them, whereupon the real texture comes into focus. It's a little distracting. I have changed my video card, the drivers, and Direct X, since playing it the first time -- Geforce to Geforce 2 -- and it is still there.

FYI, this time I got only 2434 of 2753 loot. Damage 210, 7 kills, 4 of 6 pockets. At least one of the two missing pockets (Ramirez) seems to be impossible to get. I don't know where the 6th one is.

20th Oct 2002, 02:33
Well if you forget to Kill or Blackjack them in the updated version it is possible to exit the keep area now..as for removing the goal completely..naw..but thanx for the input..
the texture problem you see is because of the size area..i had to increase the texture size a bit to keep the poly count down enough not to crash the game.
Ramirez's pick pocket is changed now..no longer on his belt..Thanx for giving it a shot again..i also removed the corny u win at the end..LOL

20th Oct 2002, 02:45
So long as you can go back and finish the job, it is no problem.:) I was trying to suggest a simple solution, but yours is better.

20th Oct 2002, 03:02
From the sound of it, one of the best of 2000 has just been made better ! Hurrah ! Thanks, Apache. :)

20th Oct 2002, 03:50
Well, it's done..I've also included a complete detailed loot list in the zip file. I wasn't able to get to extreme like I had hoped. It seems Dromed doesn't like it when you go over 1800 objects placed..:D So I had to remove some of the updating I did.
Here is what you can expect.
1. Added map
2. Removed store (since you come over on ship right to the docks, isn't any real place to buy anything)
3. Added a few more readlables.
4. Fixed the Kill only goal for henchman-Now KO or Kill.
5. You can now get out of the Keep via rope arrows..(with ALOT of luck)
6. Added some AI (Not like the 80 some that are there already wasn't enough)
7. Fixed EAX setting on RoomBrushes
8. Recompressed avi briefing
The file size in now smaller from 7.4Meg to 6.3Meg..

There were alot more things I wanted to do in there, but with the limits of Dromed, they just weren't possible..Not least not without increasing the object count. Which can have a adverse effect on the game. I just got down uploading it to Cheap Missions. So check they sometime in the next day or so and grab yourself the NEW AND IMPROVED **The Keep**
Thanx and Enjoy..
Oh by the way...I didn't updated the 4FM mission pack..So only grab the single FM.

20th Oct 2002, 04:11
Terrific! This has always been one of my favourites, so I can't wait to play the new, improved version.

20th Oct 2002, 07:06
I really hate that you finished it so fast. I was planning to pay some bills tomorrow, but it looks like instead of that I will have to play The Keep once again. Darn.:D