View Full Version : Why was Kain assassinated in the first place i havent figured that out plz help

17th Oct 2002, 00:08
:D I haven't really quite figured out why Kain was assassinated in the first place, was it greed, the fact that Kain was supposed to be the Guardian of the Pillar of Balance?

17th Oct 2002, 01:12
Did you play and finish BO1??? The answer to that is at the end.

17th Oct 2002, 10:25
Mortanius ordered him to be assassinated so he could bring him back as a vampire so he would be strong enough to kill the corrupted guardians and restore the pillars to heal the land.

17th Oct 2002, 17:09

17th Oct 2002, 20:43
Kain got killed becasue he gave this bartender a really hard time...

18th Oct 2002, 03:52
Warpservant!!! How could you? You spoiled the whole thing! Now ANGEL_OF_DEATH knows it was the bartender behind the whole thing! :eek:

(j/k. That was pretty funny, though. Hey, wouldn't that be a trip if that bartender really was! I mean he was the one behind all the other enemies marshalling them against Kain. To have a part in the world, observe it first hand, and to disguise himself and personally meet his victim. But then again... who didn't go back and kill that guy; so I guess that theory is ruled out... unless he temporarily possessed the real bartender and then decided to screw with Kain because he gave him a hard time.

Sorry for my inane babble... just trying to prolong the inevitable horror of statistics homework...:( )

Lozza Mate
18th Oct 2002, 07:03
funniest thing about LOK:

Kain prolly wouldn't have been killed if he wasn't ******** wasted when he got attacked :p

19th Oct 2002, 00:29
Good one!!! Actually, I managed to kill all of the brigands once....... and only once....... but then I was stuck and had to restart the game - all the exits were closed off. How I did it was I round them up in one big group/line and had them fight in unison, swung at them, took a step back to avoid their swings, repeated until they were all dead. It was VERY VERY hard to do. :rolleyes: I guess I had to much time on my hands....

19th Oct 2002, 01:25
I did that once too.... but I don't think you can run out of brigands, I kill like 30 of 'em and anytime I moved to expose more land another 4 would appear

19th Oct 2002, 07:53
come to think of it, I can never figure out why the bartender wouldn't allow Kain to spend a night there, even though he could pay for it. I also wonder if the bandits were sent by Mobius or someone else.

Umah Bloodomen
19th Oct 2002, 08:52
Mortanius sent the brigands to kill Kain. You find that out at the end of BO.

19th Oct 2002, 18:20
From what I gathered by the bartender, he didn't give Kain a drink 'cause the Tavern was closing up - meaning he wanted to close the place up and go home while it was still light outside, so he would be protected in his home from the things that 'come in the night.'

Lady Minerva
22nd Oct 2002, 10:34
Originally posted by Lozza Mate
funniest thing about LOK:

Kain probably wouldn't have been killed if he wasn't ******** wasted when he got attacked :p

For Real ... ? Was he really smackered or something when he was killed ... ? :eek:

23rd Dec 2002, 19:34
Perhaps the bartender is the one really pulling the strings or even the Elder Gods true form!:eek: :eek: :eek:

Or mebbe not :o .

10th Jan 2003, 16:33
See, now that's why the real reason was a spoiler up at the top of the page... in case the person asking the question intended to play, and wanted to find out for himself... hence, 'I guess I'll have to wait and see'...

15th Jan 2003, 21:13
It was like this, Kain and the bartender was arguing.

Kain: And I still say that that the coolest Pillar name is Conflict!

Bartender: No! It's States!

Kain: Conflict!

Bartender: States!

Kain: Conflict!

Bartender: States!

Kain: Conflict!

Bartender: Right you, I'm kicking you out!

Kain: What, no mug of ale for a weary traveler from distant Coorhagen? I can reward you well, for I am of noble blood.

Bartender: Should have thought of that before you went on about Conflict!

Kain: If I go out there, get killed by a gang of thugs, then get resurrected as a Vampire, you're going to be top of my "brutally murder and drain of blood" list!

Bartender: Yeah, right.

And so he got killed by a gang of thugs, ressurected as a vampire and went back and brutally murdered and drained the bartender of blood.

16th Jan 2003, 12:29
Wouldn't Kain have prefered his own pillar?

EDIT: I did't need to put is as a spoiler. It says he's balance at the beginning of the page.

16th Jan 2003, 12:45
Originally posted by Vampmaster
Wouldn't Kain have prefered his own pillar?

Sure he would, but remember at that point he didn't know he was the Balance guardian.