View Full Version : Anyone Played Kingdom Hearts Yet?

16th Oct 2002, 23:54
I saw an advertisement for some video games... and Kingdom Hearts was labeled "ages 3 and up".

Is it really that small child playable?

17th Oct 2002, 00:48

Guess so, but it should have that nostalgic feeling.

It rated as Everyone....so that's probably what they really meant. Anyway, it's supposed to be pretty good. I'm thinking about getting a PS2......to play that and a few others. maybe I can find one at a pawn shop or something

17th Oct 2002, 01:49
I envision a Super Mario RPG-like game for this one... but I'm not sure. Super Mario RPG was very easy in terms of RPG, but it does involve some arcade-like jumping skillz that I unfortunately do not possess :)

Whatever it may be, it looks good, but I know that I'd need to get a PS2 to play it.

One of these days....

Chilled Unit
17th Oct 2002, 08:48
Kingdom Hearts has been on my "want" list for a while :-)

Moreso for the Squaresoft side of things than the disney side, but I want to read some more in-depth reviews before deciding, I think....

I'm looking forward to GTA: Vice City in the immediate future, and Xenosaga and the .hack series in the longer term... the .hack games look amazing: Tech TV's Preview (http://www.techtv.com/extendedplay/reviews/story/0,24330,3390949,00.html)

Canyon Wolf
17th Oct 2002, 13:25
I have the game, waiting only for the day I get enough money for my PS2. And .hack kicks all *****. Elc...*yum* Xenosaga's lack of exploration music is weird, but I shan't let that bother me.

In case any of you wonder, I used my friend's PS2. But he moved before I got my KH and I haven't heard anything from him yet.

17th Oct 2002, 23:34
Oh! I never thought of looking at a pawn shop! Passed a really big one not far from here just today! Now if I can dodge the Beltway Sniper who has struck weithin a quarter mile of this house, maybe I can find one at a reasonable price! Actually, I thought "Guns" when I passed by. Going to have one again soon.

19th Oct 2002, 02:55
I didn't know you lived up there....actually I didn't know you were back in the States.....Last time I remember, I believe you were in London? or was it in France? or somewhere.

I bet it's pretty scary up in and around Virgina.

Take care.

19th Oct 2002, 20:24

The Kingdom Hearts game is a collaborative effort between Disney and Squaresoft with Squaresoft doing the developing.

Disney means a 'clean' game; no... 'innuendo's'. I think it would be okay to let young kids play. I think it'd be okay to let 'old' kids play, too. ;)

The battle system is different from the Final Fantasy series but it is still menu driven. The battles are real-time with your character, Sora, running around whooping on 8-9-10 enemies at a time. You also have help from two other characters but they are controlled by the game. It's a blast. Kinda like Tales of Destiny or Star Ocean. Melee!!!!

Lots of Disney characters will join and leave your party. You'll interact with most every character ever created by Disney. The good ones and bad ones.

Lot's of Squaresoft character will be found in this game, too. Some will actually voice their opinions. Some will beat you like a step-child. One will reveal something from another game... and some of them talk. Well, all actually.

Might want to rent if first, you might get through it in a weekend. It's really short without any side-quests.

Kingdom Hearts has a heckuva story to go with all the pretty pictures.