View Full Version : What Happend To Multiplayer?

[PAK]Krwawy Lew
16th Oct 2002, 22:31
umm.........i defenetly remember something about this game having something to do with a multiplayer option.

don't tell me this is another GTA3 or Mafia sheit they are trying to pull........first stating "yes, there will be multiplayer options to this game" and then when the game get's released NADA. NO multiplayer and no talking about a ptach or whatever to put this option into the game.

it's sounds like a broken promise to me, and yeah, HAHAHA.......this is the buggiest game since the first one :D

now that's funny

we gamers supported them the first time we bought the game, hoping that a sequel would be improven. i guess we got raped :D
so cheers to anyone who can get this game for free :D