View Full Version : You buy our game? Have a nice bugs!

16th Oct 2002, 19:39
"You pay us? Now you must be happy! And don't bother us with annoying reports, we don't look at them! Have a nice bugs!"

:mad::mad::mad:This is only possible possible explanation of Eidos comlepely silence about "upcoming" patch for his buggy game
(Hitman 2 of course).

This is only game, which requires immediate call in support center,
just to START it! (If you don't have "Ideal" configuration)

I sent report of "10-min bug" to them, and i want know --
anybody else make the same?

If many peoples sent reports about one problem and Eidos shrug off this reports -- this is full disrespect to clients.

If they can't fix problem soon, at least must say about it!