View Full Version : becoming extremely agitated with The Cistern!

Master Garett
16th Oct 2002, 14:25
Allright now I read there were some air pockets in the underwater tunnels...

But I don't find them, and I'm getting pretty tired of drowning... (and please be as precise as possible, I'm beyond the point of simple tips...)

16th Oct 2002, 15:58
From the 2nd level you get to with the bugbeasts:

- Dive in the pool.
- Pass the first gate which is already open.
- Hit the switch to open the 2nd gate. This closes the 1st gate.
- Make a U-turn and swim until you hit a T intersection. (On your way there, you passed the 4th gate.) Hit the button at that T intersection to open the 3rd gate.
- Turn right and head to end of that short passage and stop.
- Look up. It may be hard to see if you are positioned amongst the vegetation. It is also not close so the blue light for the image of its surface isn't very bright.
- Go back down and head past the 3rd gate which is visible after coming down for a breath of fresh air. Hit the switch there to open the 4th gate.
- Facing outward from the 3rd gate, you head straight, turn left, come to the T intersection, then turn left as though you are heading back out. Halfway down that passage is the now opened 4th gate. Hit the switch there to open the 5th gate.
- Go back to the T intersection and take the only route you haven't taken yet. You'll find the gate is open wherein you can spy a key. Go in but first go up to catch another breath of air.
- Inside that last room you will find: key to cistern gate, health potion, loot, and a switch to open a shortcut to get back out.

If you play in Normal or Hard difficulty level, you will have enough health points to make the entire swim without dying but you will incur damage. On Normal, the damage you take (if you swim fast) is about how much you get back with the health potion but you don't get back to 100%. On Expert, you will NEVER be able to swim through the underwater maze and manage to hit all the gate switches without dying; you'll die just as you approach the 5th gate, so that air pocket is critical in Expert mode.

Master Garett
16th Oct 2002, 16:29
You're a saint!!!! Thank you! thank you! thank you!!:D

Master Garett
16th Oct 2002, 17:34
*starts pulling out all his hair*

Where is the key of the iron door to open the gate above the broken bridge in the flooded hall?

16th Oct 2002, 17:54
There's a covered grate on the floor, under the water. Find a switch to flip that opens that grate, then head down through it. :)

16th Oct 2002, 17:54
The key is on the free-standing middle portion of the broken bridge.

- You can jump onto this section from a high wall opening but you'll probably incur damage.

- Or toss crates at the key to knock it off into the water and dive in to retrieve it.

Master Garett
16th Oct 2002, 18:17
*puzzled* is it now the grate or the bridge?

I did open the grate but I can't see anything in there so I quickly drown because i can't find the way back...

edit: well it's not on the bridge, there is only a health potion... is there some flare I can use for the grate??

16th Oct 2002, 22:48
You are playing the updated version so Vanguard's key is now a health potion. The key you are after has been moved to the new section I added, so that'll be the mix up.

At the bottom of the cistern is a vertical shaft with a grate covering it. Once you have flooded this area, you can reach the lever required to open it by climbing back up to where you found the health potion. now instead of dropping down onto the broken viaduct, follow the ledge round to the lever on the other side.

Now you can swim down the vertical shaft and surface in a new area. A little search with uncover the key you need. :)

Master Garett
17th Oct 2002, 10:35
ok, I see...

But I CAN'T SEE A THING in there!! not even the bottom!! let alone some corridor or something else...

17th Oct 2002, 19:34
Oh, an updated version. Forgot about that and the differences there might be. Looks like another FM to play. Yea!