View Full Version : i just heard two bombs have been dropped on iraq

16th Oct 2002, 06:33
i hope its not true :(

16th Oct 2002, 07:49
They dropped alot more last month.

16th Oct 2002, 08:31
The US prez is probably trying to finish off the job his father couldn't.

16th Oct 2002, 15:57
Actually, allied coalition aircraft have been firing a lot of missiles at them lately. This is happening in the no-fly zones which have been enforced since the end of the Gulf War. Allied jets in those zones have for years been fired on frequently by Iraqi air defense batteries, and the allies fire back. In the last couple of months they've notched up the aggressiveness of their response considerably. Preparation for war, or just sending a message? We'll see....

17th Oct 2002, 09:11
Last month they destroyed an Iraqi radar station in the south, and when the Iraqi's had replaced it they destroyed it again... I wonder if they bothered to rebuild it this time...

17th Oct 2002, 10:17
They attack 'em all the time...

but no real offensive has been made yet

18th Oct 2002, 01:08
yeah false alarm, I also hear today that the US has given in to the UN to have a new resolution but to wait for UN approval before attacking for non compliance

18th Oct 2002, 09:55
I heard last time the the usa sent commandos over there most of them died and the ones that came back were all sick from chemical weapons....mayb we should remove Suddam he scares me!:(

And thinking I was gonna join the army and I'm still considering it, but reconsidering my mos. War really is'nt a pretty thing an I'm not so sure I'd be ready to see it. But what if it gets so serious they have to initiate a draft....that would be horrible. This could cause problem sin the middle east.. it could mess up our trading system. That is where we get our oil. Any of you guys remember back in the 70's when they had that oil crisis and gas and oil prices skyrocketed? Would'nt want that to happen again.

And besides on another note they say Suddam has chemical weapons....Ok! Say he has something else up his sleeve. We reallly don't know what he has...for all we know he could have nuke technology already. I mean iraq and russia are allies and they could be trading secrets. Look at n. korea the usa never knew they had nuclear technology, but they do. And now people are saying that iraq is no match for us...Out technology might be better but just think they might have something w least expect.

Like refer to afghanistan..we trained 1/2 of those guys when they were fighting against russia ...remember. We beat them because an advance of technology, perhaps if they had the same technology it would've probaly went on longer. I think our president should wait and consider the risk, and the blood he'll spill..or just wait to see why Suddam is so confident. I mean really is the 3rd time reall the charm....considering went after him twice already can we really get him this time with liitle risk or less bloodshed, or even is it really worth it?:confused:

18th Oct 2002, 10:55
Originally posted by tek956st
Would'nt want that to happen again.

Imagine how it sucks to live in Europe when it comes to gas. :D
Gas here is 3-4 times (what you pay for a gallon, we pay for a liter) more expensive than in the States.

18th Oct 2002, 14:41
If it weren't for oil none of this -- Iraq, Al Quaida, bin Laden -- would even be on the civilized world's radar screen (so to speak). The sooner the west achieves independence from their oil the better. Then their poisonous, self-defeating mullahs can take them back to the dark ages for another couple millenia. Bring on the fuel cell!!

19th Oct 2002, 13:12
In like 50 years or so we won't have to bother with the oil. :D

let's see how the muslim countries are going to manage then, can't grow anything in those deserts, no oil to finance their countries....they're doomed

19th Oct 2002, 13:13
Oh no, I forgot that is the main income of Norway....NOOOOOOO
the richest country in the world may become poor:(