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16th Oct 2002, 06:02
I normally like the missions by JIS, but this one has me quite puzzled. You get 5-6 apparently invincible AI, 999 broadheads, 555 fire arrows, and similarly lots of health, speed, frogbeasts, mines, flash mines. I can't read Japanese, so I have no idea what the objective is or what Makiko means. I've blasted all of them for about an hour, but I see no negative effects of my attacks, and I can't find anyplace to go. Any clues?

16th Oct 2002, 06:43
You have to find the one unarmed AI (besides the one atop the tower, but then it'll kungfu you if it ever falls off the tower, like it jumping away from frogbeasts you lob up there,so it really isn't unarmed). It looks like a chubby kitchen servant gal standing on the back walkway passing the tower in the middle. I called her the matron which all the other AIs are protecting.

Trying to take on any of the invincible AIs will get you killed because you cannot kill them fast enough. It takes 100+ explosive mines or fire arrows to kill the matron. She calls out for assistance from the other AIs after something like a couple dozen mines. I did find a way to kill her but there is only one spot you can do it from, a spot where the game engine will pile up the other AIs on the ground to hunt for you there while you are above them. Get on the railing closest to the tower on the walkway with the matron and then press against the tower. You will fall down just a bit from the railing but get wedged between the railing and the tower (but you are not stuck there). You'll also be mostly if not all dark. When you lob mines at the matron, the other AIs will hover below you on the ground level while hunting for you. If you stand on the railing, eventually an AI will run up and kill you. But if you're slightly off the railing in the gap between it and the tower, then they don't come up (well, they might but it is unlikely). It helps to douse the torches around that area. I don't remember if you get water arrows, but tossing a frogbeast egg at a torch will douse it.

I counted the number of mines, fire arrows, frogbeasts, and the like to kill the matron. For the explosive weapons, it was over 100 to kill her. After firing off something close to 300 broadheads, I gave up; my mouse clicking finger got too sore. This FM gets boring REAL FAST!

17th Oct 2002, 03:45
Thanks, Vanguard. I guess it helps to know what the ojective is. I killed the matron with a combination of speed, invisibility, mines, and frogbeast eggs. Wnen I was in position, I just let about 20 fly. Not all were direct hits, but the combination worked after about 20 such barrages.:)

You are right. It does get boring. I dunno what happened to JIS. He must have had an off night. He always has some completely different concept, so I guess not all creative ideas are successful.

17th Oct 2002, 10:45
Hmm...I can't find that sweet spot you're talking about on the rail Vanguard. Are you talking about upstairs? If so...how do you walk around up there without everyone getting excited?

17th Oct 2002, 14:09

You use speed potions to run through them and invisio potions once you get close to your destination. If you take damage, no problem... plenty of health potions available. You do not need the sweet spot to win. I guess it would make it easier, but then it would be even more boring.

17th Oct 2002, 16:05
Oh geezzz
I'm looking for a spot of sand soft enough to bury my head in.
I didn't even look to see if I had any inviso's :rolleyes:
I never buy them...and you RARELY start with any, so i'm not used to ever using them (except in Thievery) ;)

That makes a huge difference. :D

...but I still can't find that "sweet spot". :(

Is it on the back of the tower? If so....I can't get the little "drop" you're talking about..therefore, I can't get dark enough that they don't come get me.

btw...neat trick with the torch dousing using frogeggs! I never knew that! :o

17th Oct 2002, 19:22
Yeah, I didn't realize that I had any inviso potions because even when I have them I try to save them. It could near the end of the mission when you need them. Maybe if the AIs don't see you the alert is different and so they are most susceptible to damage. The matron saw me and my finger got tired of continuing hurling mines, frogbeasts, or firing arrows.

I can just see Garrett after downing dozens upon dozens of inviso potions with a stretched belly going kaplosh kaplosh as we waddles out of the compound.

17th Oct 2002, 22:02
Vanguard...could you elaborate on the sweet spot a little. Maybe I'm just dumb....but I can't find it. Maybe I'm looking at the completely wrong area. :(

18th Oct 2002, 04:19
From the spot where you start at the front and outside, and neglecting having to ghost around the AIs, go in the front, head either left or right to take the stairs to the 2nd level, head to the back where the matron stand. Go to the middle of that backside 2nd level walkway. Turn towards the tower (with the banshee atop) and jump atop the railing that is next to the tower. I don't remember if it was exactly halfway or a bit to the side of the halfway point on the railing, but what you want to do is to slide off the railing towards the tower. You won't fall at these spots because there isn't anywhere near enough room for you to fall through. You only fall down a bit. As I recall, you probably are not dark at this spot, you're simply off the walkway but not down on the 1st or ground level, either. In fact, it seems like the other AIs should've been able to see me and one in maybe a dozen runs one of them is smart enough to run up to the 2nd level but most of the time they hover, run, and hunt around below me like that's where the game engine told them to find me.

Sometimes I'd lob a frogbeast egg over the walkway against the wall, it would fall, and the AIs would get busy with the frogbeasts down there. I'd do that on a reload if I got killed by an AI that got smart enough to realize that it should run up to where was the matron. The frogbeasts would mix up the AIs a bit more, move them under the walkway, and perhaps change the AI setup so the one that came up got busy and didn't come up again after the reload.

The matron doesn't run away when she spot me up there. It took something like 30 mines before she decided to run, but I'd time the mine tosses or surround her with frogbeasts or impact her with a fire arrow to make her reel backwards which gave me time to harm her some more. Sometimes she would manage to recover fast enough to run away, and sometimes when she ran away she would run into another mine field that I had populated earlier and get stopped there but still be within reach of my weapons to injure her more.

Besides my finger getting tired, I usually hit the mute button because I really didn't want to hear all the constant and repetitive explosions.

There is another sweet spot but it starts occupied by an AI. Get to the first sweet spot on the railing. Then lob frogbeast eggs atop the tower but always on one side. The banshee backs away from them as they approach and explode and you keep pushing her to one side. Eventually she falls off the tower. Then you jump atop the tower. However, the archers on the walls are indestructible and will try to pick you off. They aren't as accurate as normal archers so some of their arrows go wide. Usually I'd toss the mines or frogbeasts at the matron, rapidly hitting the mouse key to pile up 10 of them to explode at once, then turn to zig zag and miss the archers. Dousing the torches using frogbeast eggs might help a little but not much. I like the railing better since I'd never get bothered except on the rare occasion on of the AIs would wise up and come up.

I was able to ghost up the stairs and at the archway just before the 2nd level walkways. Oddly, when I pelted the other AI that might be up there guarding the matron, it ran away on alert, maybe to fetch others.