View Full Version : WTF? I can't re-install

15th Oct 2002, 21:24
Well...I was a little rash and deleted Startopia manually, however, I cannot run setup as it insists on removing stuff that isn't there. I've tried editing the system registry but the entry keeps coming back. WTF is going on? :(

16th Oct 2002, 09:37

sounds like you forgot to delete certain registry entries..
look through EVERYTHING, and make sure you erase em all (the startopia ones..)

16th Oct 2002, 10:49
Naughty boy. You always need to uninstall programs.

1) Delete everything in the StarTopia directory.

2) Delete all icons relating to StarTopia in the Start menu and on the Desktop.

3) From the Start menu, select Run and run RegEdit.exe

4) Press F3 to find and type: StarTopia

5) If you encounter any keys that appear to be related to the game (I had several that were document links), the executable file StarTopia.exe, or uninstall information (look at the regestry path), then export the key to a backup file and delete them.

6) If your computer stuffs up after this, double-click the backup files you made to reinstate the regestry keys.

You're going to have to have a fair idea of how the computer works to judge which ones need deleting, so if you don't feel comfortable doing it, find someone who can.

16th Oct 2002, 20:27
Thanks, there were lots of stupid Reg entries in there, glad to get rid of them. Now then..Back to Startopia