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15th Oct 2002, 17:26
This level seems impossible; the other adminstartors seem to steal my trading buisness. Please help!

Dark Blood
15th Oct 2002, 18:21
a really great bio deck style is an ocean setting. it attracts a lot of peeps and isn't something AI will likely do.

before you open a segment raise the land along side the door as high as it will go. It will go roughly halfway up to the glass ceiling in the center of the deck and curve to match the curve of the ceiliing.
Personally I make the land which will be "shore" a beach. (max heat, no moisture.

then open the segment next segment and fill it with water. It may take a bit but usually you get some heavy traffic for swimming and beach combing. the monks like the whole walk on water thing and the Karms plant a fair about of seaweed.

if you want you can buy some statue, open them on the lower decks and beam them into the water for a "coral ruins" effect.

there is also a strategy bonus to this. Opponnets are going to be far less likely to breach this way. the Bulkhead is what is holding the water back like a damn

Dark Blood
15th Oct 2002, 18:26
lower your prices for most everything on the mid deck, diomats, lavatrons, and the port.

also, research black market goods and alien goods for to get a roulesse wheel and oroflex. those are a couple of big attractors that are relatively easy to get

higher a bunch, and i mean a bunch of karms and monks. never under estimate that 5k a pop for penitants and karms make your bio deck attractive

16th Oct 2002, 10:57
Get a Star Dock and Comsensor as soon as possible from Arona so that you can get cheap rooms from passing traders.

Get the entertainment deck filled out early, one of everything. This will please pretty much everyone on the station. Bars need only have two to four tables.

Hire every Salt Hog, Grey, Gor, and Targ before they leave your station (let them empty their wallets first). A strong fighing force is essential and VAL's sugestion of ten Gors plus ten others is not enough.

Criminals have 33% better armour. They may rob you, but they're less likely to die in combat.

Security Control will help you hack enemy segments quicker.

Have plenty of Security Scuzzers. You need backups incase your hacker dies.

Trade, at least in basic cargo, to boost your wealth/ammo.

20th Oct 2002, 04:09
My plan to take down the scum of the universe.

1. Get the Security Column and scuzzer techs as soon as possible.

2. Get a factory and build enough columns to make two lines and two near a locking mechanism. When that is done, begin pulling out as many Security scuzzers as you can.

3. Invade as normal, placing the columns before breaching the doors.

4. With 40+ scuzzers, along with any hired Gors, hide behind the columns, pop anyone that passes. When most of their buildings power down, bumrush either the energy collector if it is 2 or less segments away, or the locking mechanisms if its more.

The reason for so many scuzzers is if one dies, you don't pay 1000E. In non scuzzer battle this gets tight and can hurt your budget, powering down your buildings, making you easy prey. That and youll never find yourself without something to close a lock.

I'm no good with economicals or any suchstuff like that. Talk to others for that kind of help.

21st Oct 2002, 03:22
Originally posted by SkrasherSmasher
When that is done, begin pulling out as many Security scuzzers as you can.

Don't forget the Rechargers. You need about one Recharger for every 10 scuzzers (including Mk# scuzzers) for them to operate autonomously. Also remember that recharging costs money. There's no death fee, but there is regular "wages" for scuzzers.

Does anybody know the Skill level of Security Scuzzers (from 0 to 5 stars)?

Dark Blood
21st Oct 2002, 15:26
as soon as the door open for breaching a segment ralley a muster point by the access teminal your security scuzzer is heading to. they can't fight back when they're hacking. give them cover.

my stratagey is similar.
I line the wall I'm going to breach with security collums.

When breaching my prioities are:
1 cover the scuzzer
2 close the enemy doors
3 mop up.

i don't try to kill everyone until the doors are closed and reinforcements are cut off.

Dark Blood
22nd Oct 2002, 16:25
This level seems impossible; the other adminstartors seem to steal my trading buisness. Please help!

hire more grekka's with more skill and and get more comsensors

23rd Oct 2002, 23:22
If you ever see a criminal Targ working at a Comsensor, or a criminal Turakken in a Laboratory, beam a Security Scuzzer next to the front door. Criminal Targs and Turakkens create negative work, they delete the work your staff have already done, making the job take twice as long.

1st Nov 2002, 22:52
Just for the record: I found this mission the hardest one in the game. Even compared to the last level, this is hard.

My advice is: Don't even consider trading. I never managed to properly get it up to scratch, but survived by focusing on producing luxury and medical crates (100% humidity and heat for luxury crates, water for the medical crates. 50% humidity and 100% heat if you want black market goods), and then sell to Arona for scraps.

I hired everything I could ever lay my hands on.

Also, always go for the throat. Estimate how far you have to go to reach the enemies Energy Collector, and plan accordingly. Before breach, put up a gathering point and raise to max. This will affect the life on the station, but you'll just have to be quick with them.

When you attempt to take over a segment, put a new gathering point RIGHT NEXT TO THE TERMINAL that the scuzzy will be using, raise to max and delete the other one. They will provide cover for your scuzzy, and this is often the best defensive position while you are taking the segment over. Once you reach his energy collector, you can take over the rest of his segments without fights nor cash.

Be careful that as soon as you start taking over segments, you will have a large room/power ratio, and putting them all on again at once WILL drain you.

Always hire all the peeps you can get. Also, breach and takeover time is based on the skill level of the Kasvagorians in the Security Control. If you have Skill Level 1 Gors, it'll take you ages and you have to sit out several minutes at worst while they bumbling fools figure out the wires, before realizing they are colourblind.