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15th Oct 2002, 16:23
Why are there no exterior doors on so many buildings in St Petersburg? A non-working door would be preferrable to nothing at all -- it just looks weird when you go all around a building and find no door.
Why so few bathrooms? While this does explain the bladder problems of so many of the NPCs, it's weird. The only one I've come across so far was in the German ambassador's residence. What does everyone else do?
Why the magic invisible wall to enclose some levels? Doing this simply screams, "Hey, just in case you forgot, this is a game." Surely a more elegant solution would be to have Dianna come on the link and accuse 47 of chickening out of the mission. If the player persists on trying to "leave" perhaps the mission should fail.

Well, those are my nitpicks so far.

15th Oct 2002, 20:30
Originally posted by Catman
Well, those are my nitpicks so far.

Hey, just in case you forgot, this IS a game. :p

16th Oct 2002, 17:10
I also find it somewhat strange that the castle in the second last Japan mission are so well guarded, but still has exterior doors.