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Lady Minerva
15th Oct 2002, 09:24
Can anyone suggestion why they both look so different in BO2, ... as opposed to what they both looked like in SR2? It must have something to do with time-streaming, I think we can be pretty sure of that?

I'd just like to know what anybody thinks, since I don't know if anyone's ever asked this before ...

15th Oct 2002, 18:47
Its because of different artists and designers. We have plenty of artists here, ask them if they would use exact duplicates or if they would put their own "spin" onto the character...

Janos had his heart ripped out and then was captured and turned into some monster, and Vorador was dead and brought back to life so they should look a little worse for wear if you know what I mean.

15th Oct 2002, 21:41
Exactly. Plus, they don't look as different as they might. If you look in the concept art during the credits, Janos almost ended up with six wings =).

16th Oct 2002, 04:11
hi everyone.

I have no problem if Janus and Vorador have a different look in BO2 and SR2, but they should be more carefull with the details.
Vorador looks similar in Bo and Sr2 but in Bo2 his "wiskers"(lack of better word) are missing. The other thing is that he is wearing boots. Vorador should have the two claws feet. I wonder if he has the "clavens" inside the boots? The same goes for Janus. In Sr2 Janus has clavens, but in Bo2 he is wearing boots. I wish the makers of the game gave some clues as for the evolution of vampires.

Hanpolo out

Lady Minerva
16th Oct 2002, 09:36
Well, aside and apart from different designers, which I have thought of, BTW, I just hope that they come up with some sort of a plausible explanation for the alterations ...

16th Oct 2002, 18:27
Since they gave them guys boots maybe they will finally give poor diluted Raziel some pants!!

Lady Minerva
22nd Oct 2002, 10:37
Originally posted by WarpSavant
Since they gave them guys boots, maybe they will finally give poor, diluted Raziel some pants!

<LOL> :p

22nd Oct 2002, 17:53
All the BO2 character models were done poorly in my opinion none of them are smoothed just big jagged edges.

22nd Oct 2002, 18:07
I thought the Kain character model looked pretty cool, and I've gotten used to Vorador until only his eyes bug me. Other than that, I think I'll have to agree with you, Necro.

What can I say? I was spoiled by Soul Reaver 2!:p


23rd Oct 2002, 17:05
yeah, i liked SR2's models better too. Vorador just looked weird in BO2.

24th Oct 2002, 01:42
Actually I like Voradors model in BO1 the best and Kains model in the opening SR1 model the best.

25th Oct 2002, 05:28
I would have prefered that the SR2 Vorador dressed in his BO1 attire. The BO2 Vorador was just silly looking up close. From far away he looked more like himself.

He's too reptilian in BO2.

As for Janos, the only think wrong was the guantness of his face, but that could be attributed to the blood loss. That and the annoying "Raziel two-piece hair" thing he had going on.

25th Oct 2002, 05:54
Is it just me or did anyone else get distracted, if not annoyed, by Janos' wing-flapping habit in BO2? I mean, I know ya gotta stretch out your wings once in a while, but JEEZ! Have control, man! And then there's Umah's 'flailling arms of death'.... but I won't go there. :rolleyes:

25th Oct 2002, 06:03
LOL I agree, Naja--in both cases. http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/lachen/lachen002.gif