View Full Version : why will Hitman 2 not work on Windows 2000?!!?? please help

15th Oct 2002, 00:54
i recently bought hitman 2 and no where on the box did it say it wouldnt run on 2000 and i dont really see why it wouldnt run on 2000? can someone please explain why it doesnt work or if there is a way to make it work on 2000.

15th Oct 2002, 02:02
A: It works on Win2k, I have it.
B: What are your specs?
C: Do you have all drivers updated?
D: Exactly at what point does it not work? Does it crash? Does it give you any errors? Does it just not load at all?

15th Oct 2002, 03:29
Works fine on my Win2k.
Do you have Win2k Service Packs 1, 2, and 3? 2 and 3 especially resolved a lot of "Games written for Win98 won't run on Win2000" issues. Perhaps this is one of them?

15th Oct 2002, 17:47
i have an amd xp1800 128mb ati 9000 with service pack 3 installed and the only way it will work is if i turn the voices down to three and have the hardware accelaration down to none for the sound card and it still sounds like the voices are skipping. another problem is that every once and a while the game will crash for no reason with only the standard message that it has preformed an illegal operation . in short it works but with crappy sound and choppy and limited voices

16th Oct 2002, 15:55
What kinds of vid and audio cards do you have? The voice thing you're describing sounds similar to problems some people with Audigy cards are having...

16th Oct 2002, 17:32
I have an ati radeon 9000 128mb and a soundblaster live 16 bit (crappy sound card i know)

16th Oct 2002, 19:55
I have an SB Live card too (I think it's 16 bit, although I could be wrong. I'll check when I get home).

Have you recently updated the drivers? Go here (http://www.americas.creative.com/support/files/download.asp?Centric=107&OS=6) to find SB Live drivers for Win2K (the most recent ones were in July of 2002.

The ATI card? I know nothing about ATIs, being a brand-loyal Nvidia guy (although I have no good reason for this, other than I'm oddly brand-loyal about everything).

The crashes I still can't figure out any commonalities about. Remember, though, that I'm not a techincal guy. Hopefully we'll hear word from IOI or Eidos about bug-fixes and a patch in the next week or so. I hope at least the sound drivers help.

17th Oct 2002, 01:38
I updated all the drivers the day i got it hoping it would help it but it didnt. i think the only solution is if the eidos people release a patch that will resolve any sound problems. thanks to all that posted in reply .