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14th Oct 2002, 23:59

I didn't see ANYONE I knew aside from Deekman, DaveJ, Goran, Catsuit&Ponytail and KoolKat.

Is there anyone left from the old board anymore?

15th Oct 2002, 00:04
new people do like to join you know

15th Oct 2002, 00:06
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I was just looking for old friends is all. I'm sorry if I offended you.:(

15th Oct 2002, 00:24
welcome back

Kurtis Trent
15th Oct 2002, 00:24
Hello and Welcome back!!:) I was on the old board, but I dont remember you. Oh well :P Welcome!!

15th Oct 2002, 00:37
Hello and welcome! :)

(I was at the old forum about a month before it closed, I kind of remember you)

15th Oct 2002, 00:45
Thanks everyone. I remember you Aquarius. I didn't know you well but I remember seeing you.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

Lil Lara
15th Oct 2002, 00:55

i was at the old forums for about only a week or two before i realized that those ones were going to be closed and that i should probably come to the new ones. lol.

well...welcome again..and im sure you'll meet some great new people as well as some old friends.:D

15th Oct 2002, 02:12
Originally posted by LaraLookAlike1
Thanks everyone. I remember you Aquarius. I didn't know you well but I remember seeing you.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

Well there's no time like the present, is there? :p :)

15th Oct 2002, 03:05
Hello and welcome back! :)

I'm from the old board (same screenname).

15th Oct 2002, 04:58
Yeah I'm an old person too :D Welcome back!

15th Oct 2002, 05:37
I'm from the old board too, but I don't remember your screenname. I'm also known as 'warrior' in LCO chat, but I haven't been there in awhile :( Anyway, Welcome :D

15th Oct 2002, 07:47
Welcome back, always nice to see an old familiar name!

Yes, I fear a lot of our number have departed these shores, for reasons....various.

Maybe some will drop by once the new game is out.

15th Oct 2002, 10:43
Heh I suppose not, Aquarius.

Thanks everyone, I have a feeling I'm going to be visiting these boards a lot again. God help you :p

That's too bad, DaveJ. I was talking to ClaymoreMacBran, and he said he was returning to the boards after AOD is released. I hope more people come back.

Does anyone still use Joey's chat? And if you do, what's the address, please?


15th Oct 2002, 12:22
Welcome back :) Make yourself comfortable and have a tea.

15th Oct 2002, 12:29
Hello and Welcome back! You don't remember me? I was The Godfather of the old forum and I'm The Godfather of the new forum! You want something ... you come to me. I'm thé man who's in charge of everything ... (well, if those pesky moderators get off my back; that is. :D)

15th Oct 2002, 12:51

15th Oct 2002, 13:01
Welcome back LLA:)

15th Oct 2002, 18:41
YAY! I remember you Godfather, I just thought it would look ridiculous going back and editing every time I saw someone I remembered.:rolleyes: It didn't occur to me to go through and look for people. Don't ask.

I remember you too Racinlady! We had great times at Joey's!

Thanks Goran, I think I will. How's things?

15th Oct 2002, 20:20
Good Lord....as I peruse this forum I see JoeylovesLara has finally re-joined us!

Is he gonna say 'Hi'?

15th Oct 2002, 22:11
Welcome Back LaraLookAlike1

Island Girl
15th Oct 2002, 22:13
Aloha & Welcome Back!

I am from the old forum too. Dont know if you would remember me I kinda was abducted by aliens :p so I wasnt posting towards the end. But I have been returned to the forums safely and now I am back. So like you I am an "old Newbie" too (hahaha)

I was so glad to see everyone old and new. The Aloha never changes around here its great! See ya around :D

Love & Aloha

16th Oct 2002, 15:28
Mulder, I remember you...definately...hehe

I remember you Island Girl! :D

16th Oct 2002, 19:42
Welcome back I'm an old girl from the old board.

16th Oct 2002, 19:52
Yo, Laralookalike1, Welcome back.

Glad to see you remember me. :D
I remember you too. :p

There's quite a few people from the old forums over at the OT Community Forum. Have you been there?

16th Oct 2002, 19:57
Oh, I still use Joey's chat from time to time, but barely anyone is ever there anymore which is a pity. :(

Come on you people!!! Where are you??? :p

Here's the URL:


Enjoy!:D I still pop in from time to time if anyone else wants to revisit the old place.

17th Oct 2002, 12:14
Originally posted by thanhkim
Welcome back I'm an old girl from the old board.

It doesn't matter how old or young one is ... it matters that you care about Lara Croft! ;)

20th Oct 2002, 05:40
Hey !!! Welcome back !!! :D

I was around back then too - in fact, since Theresa's Forum shut down...