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14th Oct 2002, 21:56
Since a given mission on a kind of hospital, the game do not save anymore. It saves nothing.
I've finished the mission with one save only (playing with 7 saves allowed) then I launched the 8th mission, but the automatic save is not there. So I can't play because I don't want to do again and again the end of the "hospital" mission and the next one ...
Any idea ?
All my disks have at leasy 500Mb free (1Gb in most of the cases)


I've just noticed that there is exaclty 100 save prefix in the savegame directory.

"100.1 100.2 100.3 100.blap"

Smells modulo/number of handled digit bug ...


I've moved every savegame file in another directory and renamed the 100.* serie in a 1.* serie.

The "Terminal H." game was saved. It seems instead it was just that it was not shown on the game list.

15th Oct 2002, 16:00
Hitman 2 will only allow you to create 99 saves to your hard drive. If you have reached the limit and want to continue saving you will have to overwrite some of your earlier saved games or delete them to make room for new saves.

Of course your solution does offer a third option.

14th Mar 2003, 01:13
Originally posted by RedLegg
Of course your solution does offer a third option.
Actually the save option doesn't work for me. I got to exactly 9 saves and then I wasn't able to save anymore. I deleted the 8 previous saves from within the game and kept only the latest one.

Now when I go save at any point. I see only ONE saved game with the message "You have zero saves left". Even trying to overwrite the one saved game, doesn't work.
What's going here.

Oh...I'm running the 1.01 version.