View Full Version : T2 Freezes while loading the ToB mission!

14th Oct 2002, 20:01
While loading the main little dial on the left stops at about 9:00. The game freezes and doesn't do anything. Does anyone know how to fix this??? And in the Courier mission, the secret wasn't there! There wasn't a torch where I found it the last time I played! Did it move? Same with some faces in the Bank mission. I played and walked into a room, no face, on a reload of that game, there was a face there!!! What's up with that? I didn't know Thief 2 did that!

15th Oct 2002, 01:40
It doesn't. You have some corruption or incompatibility somewhere, and at this point it's anybody's guess where it is. The usual procedure is

(1) In Darkloader go back to original Thief if it is not already there.

(2) Move your saves and allsaves to a safe place. Then deinstall and remove completely (trash) all files in the Thief folder.

(3) Reinstall and re-patch Thief. Restore your saved games. Test it. If this doesn't work, then

(4) Deinstall and reinstall your video drivers. If this doesn't work,

(5) Reinstall your audio drivers and directX.

Make sure your video drivers and card are compatible with the version of DircectX you are using. If you still have the problem, post back with your hardware and driver specs.

Did you change any hardware or drivers recently? If so, maybe they are to blame and you could short circuit some of the above by reverting back to your old configuration.

I would also check my BIOS settings before doing any of this to be sure that all my AGP settings (like 2x-4x, aperature) are correct, that onboard sound is disabled if you have a separate sound card, etc., etc.

Another worthwhile thing is to run some benchmarks like 3DMark and see if they work before blaming Thief. If 3DMark also fails, then you have a hardware, BIOS, or driver problem.

15th Oct 2002, 01:46
Another possibility that just occurred to me is that maybe you have one or more corrupt save files. Before blaming your system, You might start a new game to see if that works. If you like, e-mail me, and I can send you an TOB save file near the end of a game.

15th Oct 2002, 02:29
#4 and anything past it has me clueless, so I'm hoping 1-3 will work. But I don't think it is anything past 3 b/c I've been playing OM's for the last week and nothing has gone wrong. Anyways, I didn't think TMA did that. It's done that on me before and I had to reload everything last time too! I remember the accountant's room (the one that argues with the archer on the second floor), where the first disappearing face was (strangely enough, there was a switch to turn it off and everything like it was supposed to be like that too!), then the second time, one in the bar across the hall (no switch though). Both on Normal level. But anyways, it's done this before. I just wish I knew what it was because I don't like reloading Thief and the patch because it takes a while.

15th Oct 2002, 04:38
It could be a number of things. Computer crashes and power loss can corrupt files. I once had a situation where reading a file during a backup compare corrupted a file on the disk, more than once. At first I thought that was caused by a bad disk drive. When the replacement drive did the same thing, I blamed it on the disk drive controller (on the motherboard). I replaced the motherboard, and it worked fine. It's kind of tough detective work when you get to that level.:) With the backup software I had a smoking gun - the file was good on tape but bad on disk immediately afterward. You don't have such a clear case with Thief files.