View Full Version : HOW to get the Silent Assassin in Bazaar?

14th Oct 2002, 17:39
use the sniper?but when the two men dead,all the soldiers attack me.

15th Oct 2002, 17:07
At the beginning of the mission, run forward past the guards at the bazaar entrance. Wait next to the metal-roof shack until the colonel comes past you and shoot him in the head. Take the key and stash the body in the corner of the building and the wall. Go to the lieutenant's house through the back door, sneak upstairs and shoot him. Take the coordinates and get out asap. Go to the exit. You should be able to complete the mission in about 6 minutes (max).

Patrolling guard will find the colonel's body but he won't alarm anyone (!) and you should be out of the lieutenant's house by the time that happens.

I tried this missions about a dozen times until I realized that killing the colonel first will make the whole mission much easier.

15th Oct 2002, 19:19
Well, I don't want offend anybody, but I think this mission is one of the easy ones. I can give you a short explanation to make it 100% silent without that any guard is detecting the dead bodies. First you have to make your way to the house with the sniper rifle, but not to get the rifle. On the table you find a key. Then you go to the house where the Lt. has his nap. Be careful there are 2 guards patrouling. You have to move silent (space bar). The key is for the door. If you lock pick the door the Lt. will turn around upstairs and face you if you go upstairs (not very good). So if you are silent inside go upstairs, always silent moving. You can use the fiber wire to kill him. Then stay upstairs as the two guards come into the house and have a small talk. After they leave go to the bazaar. Wait in the right lower alcove with the crates and be patient. After a loooong shopping tour the 2nd target will have a smoke break. You can strangulate him too and drag him behind the crates and his guard won't see it. Then you can easily leave the level. All you have to do is be patient and silent. The sniper solution didn't work out well. It is possible but for Silent Assassin you should choose the way I described.

Hope this helps.