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14th Oct 2002, 17:20
:eek: :confused: :eek: :confused: :eek: :confused:

hmm. I feel many americans are confused by this.. but yes. Canadians have thanks giving on the 2nd monday in october :)

hmm.. maybe I shouldve said that in the title ? :)

16th Oct 2002, 00:24

:o :D

16th Oct 2002, 02:01
Here's a scarry snip bit.

Today (tuesday after thanksgiving) i got tight chest pain.. at the same spot where my tumor was. Spent the hole day today at the emergency room (from 9am to 5pm) didn't have time to eat either.

Turns out its just a mild asthma attack... :)

shows how the mind works :) ppl always expect the worse :/

Sir Henry Morgan
17th Oct 2002, 05:19
Glad it turned out OK mrdefender
Pity you missed a meal though! :D

We don't even have thanksgiving downunder

17th Oct 2002, 06:31
actually, ive went longer without eating. I think the longest I've gotten was 6 days without eating or drinking.

I mean really drinking. I was aloud a sip of water now and then.

Thats what happens when you wait for a biopsy and it gets posponed. :)

I found out that I was bumped another day at 11:30pm so I had 30 mins to eat and drink like hell. :)

I never ate so fast in my life! :)