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14th Oct 2002, 16:47
I am now playing Belboz's Shore Leave/Up the Creek, and just had to pass on a Kodak moment.

Remember those Mexican cliff divers that used to be on Wide World of Sports years ago ? :)

Shore Leave I've played a couple of times before, and I've always approached the ship at ground level through the warehouses. There is a way to mantle over walls/roofs etc. to get there from above. From the edge of the roof, looking down on the starboard stern of the ship, you are at least 100 game feet above the dock. A beautiful sight. I took a running leap, and just made it past certain death into the water behind the ship. My butt was puckered big time. I almost touched bottom on the way down; I felt like I reached terminal velocity on the fall and it was just as fun as could be. I reloaded and did bellyflops, cannonballs, etc. and alerted everyone in the area with my splashes. Two patrol guards ran excitedly into the water and drowned. The spider bot even got mad because of the noise. Sometimes you just have to have some fun. :)

This is the way a mission should be designed. Wide open, ability to delve and elevate, not so hard as to make you pull hair. Emphasis on gameplay. And an opportunity to high dive to boot. :)

15th Oct 2002, 01:22
Yup, I remember those diving dudes. I agree with your mission design philosophy.

That reminds me of a counterexample, somewhat related by virtue of the diving thing. You may remember a mission by a relatively unknown Japanese designer (definitely not JIS). There was this big, very deep pit. The objective, unknown to me at the time, was to fall down and crawl into a building before you died. If you jumped at just the right angle you would land near the door, severely injured, and if you could just get your nose into the doorway before dying you would win. Since the objective was in Japanese, I didn't know that. I had to die about 30 times before I learned what the point of it was. Most people probably never did find out.:)

15th Oct 2002, 05:00
I did the same thing. Reloaded the game a whole lot of times just for the freefall to the water. Guards running everywhere. Can't remember if I had any luck dropping to the water without the guards going wild.

Agreed, I like wide open missions too. Gives you a whole lot of angles.

Belboz did a Great job with that mission just like his others. Looking forward to see where he goes with the story next. :)

15th Oct 2002, 23:13
That may be my favorite high dive in the thief world.

BTW I have most certainly made the dive w/o alerting any guards...oh wait a minute, maybe they we all K.O'd at the time.:D

16th Oct 2002, 12:15
Originally posted by Sneak
Belboz did a Great job with that mission just like his others. Looking forward to see where he goes with the story next. :)

So Belboz is still among us then?

LOL Sly! :D