View Full Version : Favourite FFXIII Cutscene?

7th Jan 2013, 17:13
Ok, so all of the hype about A Realm Reborn has gotten me really pumped up. Plus recently watching Sword Art Online made me crave an mmo like this with endless content. I just finished applying for the PS3 and Windows Beta. But because we won't hear anything for a little while, I seriously want to play Final Fantasy. So I'm going to play Final Fantasy not for the gameplay, but for the cutscenes. I missed watching Lightning being badass at the very beginning to the very end. So I wanna know, which cutscene was you guys' favorite?

7th Jan 2013, 22:03
My favourite FFXIII custcene was the opening of Chapter 12. My fave chapter of the game to boot.

I never understood why a race of all things was used as a setting, but I loved seeing all that co-op action between the l'Cie and Eidolens. I could imagine all the Cocoon residents on Eden. These scary l'Cie suddenly show up and start attacking them (they think). I especially loved seeing Odin go from Gestalt to normal, and then back to Gestalt mode-all while Lightning was hanging on and getting flipped around and crap, lol.

It, uh, probably didn't do much for the story. It just looked really, really cool xD

8th Jan 2013, 10:49
I agree, that opening cutsene in Ch. 12 is awesome. I also really enjoyed the confrontation between Sazh and Vanille at the end of Ch. 8 and Snow and Fang coming to Hope and Lightning's aid in Ch. 7.

Well, tbh I really enjoyed the majority of the flashy cutscenes. But those stick out just a bit more in my memory.