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14th Oct 2002, 15:22
Zaphod, here is how I completed the mission without firing a shot.

Picklocked the eastern door on the outer wall and then entered the embassy through the front door. Took a right and out of sight of the guards looked at my map for the location of the ambassador. (If you wanted to play without glancing at the map, go to the party and look for him there.) I waited for him to leave the party and followed him to the correct safe room. While he was opening the safe, I sneaked behind him and chloroformed . You can either wait until the safe has been opened or you can get the combination from the ambassador's body. Take the briefcase and execute the general. The weird part is the Spetnaz agent found and killed the ambassador when I was walking to the escape boat.

14th Oct 2002, 16:16
Lake, I was actually updating my walkthrough with that exact scenario when I saw your post. Yeah, the Spertzanz agent will (for some reason) kill the ambassador, even after you have the briefcase. In that scenario, YOU get charged with an Innocent Killed and get some Aggression in your ratings, so even though you might get a Silent Assassin rating, you won't get a perfect one, which will (at least, it did with me) keep you from getting things like the M4 carbine rifle.

BUT, if you kill the general first, THEN drug the ambassador second, grab the briefcase and leave for your boat immediately, you can end the level before the agent can kill the ambassador. Also, I've run into the agent near my boat before as well - usually when I drug the ambassador second as described above. He magically transports himself to my boat, sees me, then runs like a bat out of hell for the mansion to kill the ambassador (although it's beyond me why he kills someone who is probably still unconscious and, in any event, doesn't have the item in question anymore).

20th Oct 2002, 12:45
hmm, guess I took the long way..

Picked the lock to the eastern gate and sneaked past the guards in the first room in the basement - then I got the spare disguise in the next room. Hurried up into the room with the safe, and drugged the ambassador when he arrived, then I hid the briefcase in another room and hurried back into the kitchen. I went back to get my clothes and went upstais again (took some timing with the two guards at the stairs) and retrieved the briefcase. The agent was running like mad outside the estate so I took the eastern gate out, and sneaked to the boat while the agent was running in the other direction .. could probably have been done easier.