View Full Version : will hitman2 run?

13th Oct 2002, 16:04
Will hitman2 run on my computer:
p3 500, 16 mb nvidia riva tnt, directx 8.1

I need to know for sure

13th Oct 2002, 16:45
It should but (with minimum graphic setup, lowest resolution and may be choppy in some levels)

19th Oct 2002, 14:05
So it should run fine in lowest resolution? What about 800x600, I don't like to play in 640x480-mode.

19th Oct 2002, 14:56
Originally posted by Tommy-lee
I don't like to play in 640x480-mode.

Then start thinking about upgrading your system :rolleyes: :D

19th Oct 2002, 19:50
Sorry to say, but your system is weak for today's demanding games. You have similiar specs that my desktop does, which I purchased about 3-years ago (top of the line dell at the time). I've upgraded my computer for game playing about 5 times now, and I've finally given up. I decided it is getting way to expensive to play games and decided to pick up the Xbox. I'm so glad I did, even though PC purists will shun me. With Xbox, I never have to worry about major computer crashes, hardware or software compatability problems, shortage of memory issues or spending a $1,000 every freaking year to keep on top of the games. Granted, I don't have the keyboard and mouse setup, but I've done great without it, and I don't have carpal tunnel anymore! I rent the games from Blockbuster for a great deal from the Xbox mag (buy 1 get 1 free) and play until I'm done with them and move on with life. If I really like a game and feel it has replayability (i.e. Hitman 2), I buy it. The most I'm out when they come out with a new state-of-the-art game consule, is $199! But even then, I can sell it with my games and probably get 40-50% back! Far as I'm concerned, PC gaming is fun, but spending gobs of money on constant upgrades ISN'T! Xbox easily cures my need for gaming and I don't have the worries.:D

19th Oct 2002, 22:32
If you are spending $1000 a year to upgrade your computer you are spending WAY WAY too much.

$50 for a athlon XP 1600+ (1.4 gighz), $50 for a 2100 DDR motherboard with RAID (abit KG7). Both new.

For $100, you can practically have a whole new system. The memory will be extra though. Use your old vid card, use your old hard drives, and when you can upgrade them. A geforce 2 is about $50 when you want to upgrade that. Hard drives are cheap, 60 gigs for $80 if you want to upgrade that.

22nd Oct 2002, 19:58
Originally posted by Devistater
If you are spending $1000 a year to upgrade your computer you are spending WAY WAY too much.

He's right. I bought a pIII 800 2 years ago, and the only thing I've added was another 128 mb of ram, and a gf4 ti 4200 (combined total of $400 CAD)
= $200/year

23rd Oct 2002, 02:17
I'm running the game set to 800X600 resolution rather well on a three year old, 450 MHz Compaq.

= $0/year! :D

The Captain
1st Nov 2002, 04:41
You folks better have bad ass monitors, because raising your resolution drops your max possible refresh.