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13th Oct 2002, 14:54
Hi, i just got the game yesterday, but I've become stuck on the prission level. I start off fine, but then people keep escaping and killing eachother. I run out of energy to keep buying security things, and pillars. Whats the best stratagy to stop this happening?

Thx in advance,


13th Oct 2002, 16:55
Doent matter now! I figured it out after another few trries!!


14th Oct 2002, 00:37
You can always kill the power on your docking port to halt the number of crims coming onto your station. Although this is a less "elegant" approach. Better to keep your lockdown brig expansion plans in check with your usage. You can build large brigs early on and just add cells to them as you get energy or need demands. You can also help your security scuzzers out by beaming them next to a crim so they don't have to walk clear across the station.

Another thing to consider is placing four security turrets around the docking port as soon as you can afford them. This will give you some early warning when enemy agents attempt to board your station and cause a ruckus.

Finally, keep your security control staffed to improve the vision and effectiveness of your security scuzzers and turrets. Hiring employees with no loyality can make sure they stay at their post instead of running off into combat at the slightest provocation.

14th Oct 2002, 11:29
Put the Port as close as bossible to the bulkhead door, dead centre. Place two Security Columns next to it, close to the door. Make a Lockdown Brig the entire width of the station (32 squares) and only put doors on the Port side of it. The convicts are now confined to this tiny little part of the station. Don't forget a Recharger in there for the Security Scuzzers and leave one Scuzzer MkI in there for clearing of dead bodies.

Dark Blood
17th Oct 2002, 17:44
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