View Full Version : Re-entering sewers and phone problem

13th Oct 2002, 11:37
How do I re-enter the sewers (on any level but specifically lev 4, Tubeway Torpedo). Once I exit thru a manhole, I can never go back down one.

While I'm talking about that level, I have a problem with the phone, too. Right at the beginning, the phone seems to be ringing but I don't know what to hit to answer it. I'm holding it but how do I interact and do things with it?



13th Oct 2002, 15:09
Every manhole has a ladder. Usually it's on the opposite side of the hole from the manhole cover. But not always. Walk to the hole, and look down for the ladder. Line up in front of it and try to walk into the hole. He should turn around and go a step or two down, to indicate that you hit the manhole-ladder correctly. Hope that's clear.

As for the phone at the beginning of Mission 4 (Tubeway Torpedo) - don't answer it. It's not for you. BUT, the phone ringing is a useful device for getting through that area if you're a big sneaky type. You'll see what I mean. Read the Walkthroughs thread for more info if you're still stuck.