View Full Version : Hidden valley #2

13th Oct 2002, 10:06
The second valley misison: how can I get past the snipers? Using a disguise doesn't seem to work and trying to take the snipers down with a crossbow is way too dangerous. I'm playing on the professional difficulty setting.

And cheats don't seem to work either. Please help, I'm totally stuck here!

13th Oct 2002, 23:11
Ok, the way i took em out was to use the crossbow, but i made sure that i was behind some trees or part of the hills. The snipers like to shoot your body more then your head, so you can use that as some leverage. Hopefully, you didn't use any of the bolts during the first valley mission. Im sure there is another way, like weaving in and out of the trees.
Also, if youre on normal, be sure to check your map and check out the guys in the three towers.