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12th Oct 2002, 18:16
Well, after a few days of milling around and some help of friends I've been able to solve my problem.

I downloaded a couple motherboard driver updates, one for audio and one for INF files, which after installing I was able to run the game with Eax enabled and no problems.

I suggest for those who haven't yet, look around for motherboard updates.

22nd Oct 2002, 00:40
It worked for me
The game was crashing every half hour or so
I d/l the newest 4in1s from http://www.viaarena.com/
and everything now works perfect, even with EAX
It even seems to run better

22nd Oct 2002, 02:29
I am not sure where to go for my motherbord upgrade. I have a compaq presario 5000, but there's not upgrade on the compaq site

12th Nov 2002, 21:05

open up your machine and usually somewhere near the CPU chip will ba a series of letters and numbers. i.e. GA 6WMM7 or similar. Enter these characters in a search engine on the web and you will usually find the board manufacturer. In the case of the example above it's Gigabyte. Refine the search with "bios upgrades. if your looking with google, search within results.

It can take a little time finding the right bios upgrade as some boards have been cloned and may not be listed during you initial search. with any luck you will find and an .exe file which will do the unpacking for you as well as setting up a boot disk which you'll use to "flash" you bios. Now prior to putting the disk in and restarting you machine, heres a few points to consider.
Do it in safe mode. If you machine crashes during the bios flash, you will lose all settings and will not be able to start your machine until your bios chip has been desoldered from you main board and a new one fitted (its not expensive but is is really annoying to have to wait). Also take down port settings and other information from your old settings first because the new bios wont remember these. You'll find some devices won't when you start you machine next time until these settings have been re-entered.

And above all, if in doubt get back on line and get assistance, I've seen the process go wrong a couple of times and it's not pretty. flashing you bios is usually a last resort and not something to be done lightly, but it is worth doing on some machines.

good luck

12th Nov 2002, 21:58

Sorry, i'm losing the plot in my old age. i sent you the wrong reply. the drivers for you board can be forund the same way as listed in my previous message. i just sent the response for you to a freind of mine and he came back asking if I've had my coffee this morning.