View Full Version : where is Lara's official bio

12th Oct 2002, 17:18
Where is Lara's official bio and how come it isn't anywhere on the Eidos site I haven't been able to find it?

THE True Lara
12th Oct 2002, 17:42
Which version?
They do have a highly editied new AOD'd version on TR.com, but the original one you can still find knocking about places like Larainmotion.com, and even the old Core des' Lara site at net archives (http://web.archive.org/web/20011003195221/http://www.laracroft.co.uk/)
Though if you download the new TR-AOD style guide, there's a word document with it all on anyway...... :)

12th Oct 2002, 17:50
yep thats right - although nobody, even the creators, know the real bio for lara - it keeps changing - ugh its the most annoying thing i think personally - they should left her with nothing! more mysterious! ;)