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12th Oct 2002, 16:10
Am trying to get into this Thievery thing soon. Found Unreal Tournament "Game of the Year" edition at Sam's club for just under $7. My store had about 20 or so copies. It's version 432. (I read you need to patch it up to 436...I am assuming this can be done) I don't know about the general avalibility of UT so I just wanted to give a heads up to all you taffers out there.

BTW...The game came with 2 CD's but I only used disk one for install and was able to play with disk one as well. Would disk two be the level editor?

12th Oct 2002, 16:52
The v436 patch works for any vesion of UT v400 and up. You can get it here (http://www.unrealtournament.com/downloads/).

Disk 2 contains the level editor as well as compressed textures which can be used if you have a graphics card that is S3TC capable. All Geforce 2+ cards can use S3TC, but if you don't have a very powerful system it may slow the game down to unplayable speeds. The graphics look much better, so if you can do it I recommend it. See here (http://www.techspot.com/tweaks/UTFAQ/#Is it1) for info on how to use it.

12th Oct 2002, 22:11
Thanks LM...

Re: disk two...I'll have to give that a try. I think w/ a 1.6/512 I should be OK.


13th Oct 2002, 22:21
SlyFoxx...don't know what you did different...but you can play UT and/or Thievery (once you get that installed as well of course) without inserting disk for UT :) It can play without it....

LM...my game/graphics look pretty good without using compressor...what specific improvements did you see on your system? Wish I knew if my ATI could use that S3TC method...have seen the file/folder(?) in my system I think, but don't know if they're used? I don't recall tellling my installer to install the Editor cause normally I wouldn't since I don't do FM's or whatever...? It doesn't apprear to be listed in my start/programs/playUT menue either. But those drivers(?) name do look familiar to me somewhere LOL However, it seemed to me that they were available for a different card. not the GeForce either, another one? Another curiosity killed the cat question :D
Ta and Good Hunting!

14th Oct 2002, 00:44
Originally posted by Huntress
SlyFoxx...don't know what you did different...but you can play UT and/or Thievery (once you get that installed as well of course) without inserting disk for UT :) It can play without it....The 436 patch removes the CD-check.

LM...my game/graphics look pretty good without using compressor...what specific improvements did you see on your system?The graphics quality is remarkably better. Here (http://www.digit-life.com/articles2/digest3d/itogi-video-s3tc1.html) is a page with some screenshots for comparison (go down to the bottom of the page for some good shots).

Wish I knew if my ATI could use that S3TC method...have seen the file/folder(?) in my system I think, but don't know if they're used? ... But those drivers(?) name do look familiar to me somewhere LOL However, it seemed to me that they were available for a different card. not the GeForce either, another one? I am not sure if S3TC works on ATI cards or not, but you can always give it a shot. Make a backup of the \UnrealTournament\Textures folder, copy the detail textures from CD2 into that folder, and make the changes listed from the link above. I recommend using this OpenGL renderer (http://unreal.epicgames.com/files/UT436-OpenGLDrv-090602.zip) (unzip into \UnrealTournament\System) with the changes listed under this headline:

Updated beta OpenGL renderer March 11, 2001 - by Daniel Vogel from this page (http://unreal.epicgames.com/). You have to scroll down to find the headline, and the instructions tell how to change UnrealTournament.ini for Unreal Tournament, but you will have to change ThAux.ini to see any changes in Thievery (make backups of these files first).

Then you have to change UT and Thievery renderers to OpenGL.

To do this for Thievery: Select "Start Menu > Programs > Thievery Beta 1.2 > Change Video Options" and you should see a pop- up box saying "Detecting 3D Devices". Wait for it to finish "Detecting" and you should see "Direct3D support" and "Software Rendering" as your two choices. Below that box you should see two options: "Show Certified Devices ..." and "Show All Devices". Select "Show All Devices" and you will see more options above. Click "OpenGL Support" and click NEXT. You will then have to reset your display options within Thievery under "Options > Preferences".

For UT: Start UT and under "Options > Preferences > Video" you will see the option to "Change" your 3D device. The game will close and the same pop-up box from Thievery will appear and you will do the same steps.

If the changes hurt your performance, restore the original files.

14th Oct 2002, 02:42
Wow...I didn't realize what I was getting into here, LOL What a lot of tweakings :D However, I found this little bit on their page under the next picture "As we see, though the artefacts have remained, they are not so obvious, and the picture is similar to that of ATI RADEON." Then further down: "There's a 'specificial' OpenGL driver for Comanche4 that allows using S3TC textures. Only S3 users could enjoy them until this moment because they were supported only by S3 Metal. But now people that have S3TC support through OpenGL (NVIDIA GeForce/GeForce2, ATI RADEON, KYRO/KYRO II card owners) can download this driver, patch Unreal Tournament 4.28 and set the game for OpenGL. But you'll need a licensed copy of the game with 2nd CD and large textures support. "

I guess when they wrote this they didn't know about GOTY since they reference patching 4.28? I believe that's the card I saw referenced "S3 Metal" :) I guess that's a card? LOL

"Moreover, Epic Games itself has released a Direct3D driver allowing to activate S3TC. Download it here. " Maybe that was included in the 436 version patch? However, now that I checked out your link for it, I see it was a patch to 436 afterwards...but it would seem that you shouldn't have to go through the other tweaks since it was specifically from Epic to make it work within D3D's API? Am I misunderstanding this?

I do thank you for your time and effort to answer this "kitty" and don't know that I'll go through all that as I said my graphics look pretty good as is :) I do have OGL support in my ATI card already and I guess I could use software rendering but it did seem to run slower as I recall? Maybe I'll give it a try again just to reaffirm my thoughts on it one day?

Looking at those pictures however, in some ways, I think the ones on the left side on the bottom four...look better to me? They are clearer it seems to me, whereas the Earth on the right looks more colorful but not everything is defined as the one on the left...I dunno, maybe it's my aging eyes, LOL ;) As an example you can see the guns quite clearly on the left but barely on the right side picture...then the set above...the picture on the right is so dark I can't see much of anything...?

Thanks again though my friend and Good Hunting!

14th Oct 2002, 05:18
That page is a little old, so a lot of that info is outdated. It is still necessary to do the steps outlined above to get the additional quality. I don't believe the D3D driver supports S3TC, only the OpenGL driver does.

As for the screenshots, did you click the link? The larger picture is much better IMO.

15th Oct 2002, 00:45
Greetings LM :) Yes, of course I clicked the link...your link anyway? Was there another one on that site that I should have followed up? I don't recall seeing it, if so. Anyway, yes the one in the middle of the page more or less, did show a vast difference I'll grant you but the others were not so comparable to that one in any case.

Now I don't understand your comment regarding patch info. It says right in the paragraph that I copied over...Epic made a patch for D3D to activate the S3TC texture goodies, as I read it??? So your saying that one doesn't work like it's supposed to? This is very confusing, LOL Why did they do it then if it don't (mean it just like it says) work? :D

Anyway, I'll have to pick this up again later as I'm now on IM with my Daughter. Catch ya later and Good Hunting!

15th Oct 2002, 01:27
Sorry Huntress, from the link in my first post:
Previously an updated Direct3D renderer also included support for this, however, this is now unavailable due to the poor performance of itThat page is old, and is where I had gotten my info. After searching this page (http://unreal.epicgames.com/), under the heading: "New beta D3D and OpenGL renderers January 19, 2001 - by Daniel Vogel", there is a newer D3D driver with S3TC support.

As for the "links" I mentioned, I meant the small pics on the page. If you click them you will see a 1024x768 screenshot which looks much better than the smaller pics. ;)

15th Oct 2002, 02:20
OK...thanks for clearing that up and makes better sense now. However, aren't these beta drivers that he made? Well as I said, it's a little more hassle than I think I want to get envolved in and again...I do get pretty decent graphics...even if I get my behind whacked from time to time LOL I do miss our playing around with UT and throwing our taunts back and forth...pretty funny stuff at times! And then with your WarCow suit on...that was a ripper!!!

Anyway, sorry I haven't been around for Thievery lately...just nose deep in DE as I've been saying...talk about immersion...I can't come up for air hardly...and it's tougher in spots than I've played before...but in other areas I've really been doing much better too :) So I guess it evens out. I died three times when meeting head to head with Simmon's this time...I put my darn gas grenade in the wrong place before I left to go down further in Ocean Labs levels...and I paid for it..ha ha! But finally on the last try...managed to get away from him just before he started to talk as I threw a gas grenade as I came out and while he started to talk it went off...giving me the time I needed to get to my hiding place on top of the machine in the middle of the tracks..from there I had a couple of head shots at him but didn't die..so I pulled back out of sight and he thought I was gone :D Little did he know..the SA :D But then I lost him for a bit cause I was looking all around and over the sides but couldn't spot him and I thought I was in deep doodoo again. So I slid off and got under the shovel and then I saw him...he was right under me as I thought...and so I creeped around to the other side and got behind him for another head shot and that did it :D

But one thing that happened really different there...is always before when he died..he went up in a poof of smoke...and would make you wonder if you really got him...this time he stayed in view and I still wasn't sure because of that...so I shot him somemore for insurance LOL Even shot a couple if tranqs in him :D Then I leaned over to check his body and sure enough it said "Dead"..funny happenings! By the way...there's a nice cheat you can take advantage of if you want..it's actually a glich in the unpatched version...When you save the Doctor's Daughter...after you get out of Ocean Lab and meet him on the helo pad on Command Roof...if your items all fill up you belt...the Dr. will keep telling you he has an upgrade Aug for you...but you reply..wait a minute..I can't carry anything more...and if you just wait...you'll keep getting that loop and receive 500 skill points everytime it goes around..LOL And you better believe I take advantage of it!!! Then when I've got my skills up mostly all to Master...I finally drop something and make room to accept the Aug...Isn't that terrible LOL

It's the only way I can get through the rest of the game reasonably...I still have tough fights to overcome, etc. and that helps me to eliminate so many other items that I can't carry but I still need some of them from time to time...but at least for lockpicking I can use my sword now more to break things open as well as breaking cameras/turrets...I could kill with it too but I'm not good at close combat so I prefer to use my sneakier methods as much as I can. And right now I'm in the area where I have to get inside to redirect a missle and it's a toughie! You start in a junkyard outside and there's dogs...and one of them is still running around somewhere on the other side of me now and I've got to find him before he finds me...but there's other obsticles that I have to deal with while this is going on...you know...guards, etc. LOL

Well as you can see, I've rambled on and on...and so I'll quit..however as you can see...I'm knee deep in this game of live or die and trying to use my previous play knowledge...but they're (dev's) are throwing in some new kinks and so I can get a surprise I wasn't dealing with previously...I'm now in my fifth time around at least...and like Thief...I'm still having new experiences with it :eek: Ok, ok...that's it for sure. Hope I haven't bored you with my chatter and thanks again LM for your info. Good Hunting!