View Full Version : L0oking f0r c0mmand0s inf0....

12th Oct 2002, 12:08
has any0ne heard any new inf0 0f the c0mmand0s 3 game curresntly in pr0duction...kn0w any websites 0n the game? Because if there are any I've been unsucessful in find them. And pyros does'nt display en0ugh inf0 ab0ut the upc0min' third installment....s0 if y0u've heard anything 0r happen kn0w anything......please feel free t0 share. Ty

29th Nov 2002, 07:15
The commandos 3 website at www.tombraiderchronicles.com/commandos3 Don's ask me why it is there, maybe Tiny wanted to show Lara Croft his gun.;)