View Full Version : Quite Lost...

12th Oct 2002, 02:25
Alright, I'm still missing loot in Waterlogged, so if anyone can give me a clue of where it is, I'd be greatful. More importantly, some of you know my computer had a meltdown this summer. Well, along with all the files, went my Thief 2 saves :( . I'm replaying Ambush at the moment. I totally forget where to go from my house. Everywhere I go, I seem to run into a gate! Any help? Oh, I did find the Legendary Ambush Arrow, you know, the one that bounces around? Yah.

12th Oct 2002, 05:50
I would have to play Waterlogged again and take notes of where the hard-to-find loot is in order to help you. Just go on a blackjack run in and start scrounging for loot. I don't think you will get any help unless someone has recently played this FM.

Are you ghosting "Ambush!" or just playing normal? I have memorized the layout of "Ambush!" but I don't know how to explain except by saying, "go left, then right, then straight, then left". If you want directions like this, I will gladly tell you though.

12th Oct 2002, 19:59
I've gone on multiple BJ runs and still cannot find the last bit of loot. I'm resorting to asking the creator now. I finished Ambush! myself, I forgot that you needed to climb over a building from the market and then down in the sewers. Now I'm in the Bank (but, sadly, just as confused on how I go around so well). Thanks anyway.