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12th Oct 2002, 01:44
I am trying to install the game and for some reason it keeps getting hung up at C:.../Scenes/C0-1/C0-1_MAIN.ZIP

I have the right system requirements but am getting very frustrated!!!:mad:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

12th Oct 2002, 03:12
P.S. I ran scandisk, and checked the CD driver status and everything appears to be normal...could it be that I have a defective cd?:confused:

12th Oct 2002, 21:10
Have you tried bypassing autorun and running setup.exe directly?

12th Oct 2002, 21:16
Do you have a lot of background programs running while trying to install? My installation needed every single bit of my RAM. It almost hung on my in two different places. Turn off everything in your systray, diable any anti-virus auto-protect you might be running, make sure you have 800 megs free on your hard drive, and try again.

12th Oct 2002, 23:49
I've done both of these things, and am still having the same problem as justintime...

Any other suggestions?


13th Oct 2002, 03:16
Just as grimshear, I have tried both options you recommended to no avail...

what next ?

13th Oct 2002, 17:58
Assuming that it's a problem with the CD drive, try this:

Copy the files eula.txt, Hitman2.exe, readme.rtf, setup.exe, and Steams.wav from the CD to a temporary directory on your harddrive.
Run setup.exe from the temporary directory.

I just tried this and the game installed without a hitch -- but then, I'm not having the problem, so I can't say this will work for you. But it's worth a try, at least.

NOTE: You'll still need your CD in the drive to run the game.

Another thing to try: Install the DirectX 8.1 drivers on the CD before trying to install the game.

13th Oct 2002, 18:33
I tried this, and I can't copy streams.wav or setup.exe to my drives.

It gives me "Cannot copy setup: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

14th Oct 2002, 03:39
Again, same results as grimshear ...please stop this madness!!!

14th Oct 2002, 12:42
Unless I lead a remarkably charmed life, it does sound like you've either a defective disk or drive problems.

What are your drive specs?

14th Oct 2002, 15:36
Perhaps this snippet from the Official Technical FAQ will help:

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin requires 32-bit CD-ROM drivers to be installed for your CD-ROM drive. This error message is usually the result of your computer using MS-DOS (16 bit) drivers instead of Windows 98/ME/XP (32 bit) drivers for your CD-ROM drive. You can easily check to see if this is causing problems by opening the CONTROL PANEL (either click on the "My Computer" icon or click on the START button followed by "Settings," then "Control Panel"). In the Control Panel window, double-click on the "System" icon then click on the "Performance" tab. You should now see a summary of the performance status of your computer. One of the lines should say "File System: 32-bit" and the last line should say, "Your system is configured for optimal performance." If you see a message saying "Drive X is using MS-DOS compatibility mode," then you will need to contact your system vendor to obtain and install 32-bit drivers for your CD-ROM drive.

14th Oct 2002, 20:38
I found my problem... I was putting the disc in the CD-rom drive, instead of the DVD/CD-rom.

It works perfectly in the DVD drive

15th Oct 2002, 01:12
Here are my system specs:

P4 1500MHz
1.49 GHz
256MB of RAM
tons of free space - 50 gigs

About the CD-ROM:

Sony CD-RW CRX175E - 32 bit

I am running windows XP

I got so frustrated with this game that I returned it today - however, if you can think of a solution I would go buy it again in a heartbeat!