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11th Oct 2002, 19:54
My brother got win98 and a readeon7200 and no problem.

I got win2k whit a G4 ti 4400 and i got some strange graphics glicht on game , Its random and i don't know how to explain.

Its like the screen is shaky but only in the lower part of the monitor and this happend only at all 20 second or just randmly . Sometimes i got no glicht for 1 minutes and sometimes it glicht 10 times in 3 sec.

I have never saw a such things in all other games...

sorry for bad english and thanks for the info...

btw yes my game is updated...

12th Oct 2002, 05:23
That can be caused by a number of things, can you post your full comp specs plz.

12th Oct 2002, 14:49
I think commando2 use directdraw right?

I think its my problem because an other 2dgame (cc3) use direct draw too i supose. I got the same glicht whit cc3.

my specs is

512 ddr333
msi kt400

13th Oct 2002, 11:17
Well first try to reinstall directx then.

[PAK]Krwawy Lew
16th Oct 2002, 22:38
yeah....i have that same glitch as well, only my problems began when i instaleld the new drivers for my graphics card (G4Ti4200).

and yes.....in my case i have only my self to blame, since i'm using beta drivers (40.72). hopefully when the final version of these drivers come out i'll be able to play C2 without that annying glitch :D

Long Live The Commandos Community :D

16th Oct 2002, 23:06
ok cool , thanks for the info.

17th Oct 2002, 10:19
you're welcome:)

21st Oct 2002, 13:07
Ain't it funny how thorup says welcome while he never posted in this thread before? :p

22nd Oct 2002, 04:52
Originally posted by 1shot1kill
Ain't it funny how thorup says welcome while he never posted in this thread before? :p

I think the word your looking for is SPAM :D :D :D

22nd Oct 2002, 09:12
I am doing that just to irritate you guys.:D

22nd Oct 2002, 23:08
You're doing a damn fine job. :D

23rd Oct 2002, 08:00
Then I will keep going.

hey matrf I hope you found my help usefull

23rd Oct 2002, 11:01
Originally posted by Thorup
Then I will keep going.

No, you won't.