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11th Oct 2002, 19:44
Tonight's our Homecoming game! Woohoo! We're gonna beat Kearsley into the ground!!! :D

Two years in a row now, my class is the Homecoming Tug-o-war champ!! Beat out the Seniors and the Sophomores, so go Juniors!!! :D Well actually, we were the champs of the Homecoming games. :p If we had just won at Powder Puff, this would've been the year of the Juniors. Oh well. ;)

Finally find out who Homecoming Queen is tonight!! Two really good friends of mine are nominated, and I hope one of them wins. :) One of my friends won Homecoming King, so it'll be awesome if both King and Queen are two of my really good friends. :)

I actually got my face painted today for my friend (Meaghan) who's up for Queen. My face may say Juniors on it, but it's for her. lol :p I'm ready to claw my face out though!! My nose itches so bad, but I dare not itch it!!!! lol


11th Oct 2002, 20:32
sounds like a lot of Fun:D

Lucky you are not under tons of homework *grumble*:D

12th Oct 2002, 02:45
Well, sadly, Meaghan didn't win. :( Irregardless, it doesn't change how great a person Meaghan is. :)

Meaghan is one of the most humble, and self-giving people that you'll ever meet. Which is why I just had a song dedicated to her for being who she is, and greatly affecting my life. :)

To Meaghan.

12th Oct 2002, 02:54
aww! thats soo sweet! :) its too bad she lost! she seems like an awesome person!

our homecoming is next week but too bad im not going to my schools! we're not allowed to bring people from outa school so im going to my boyfriends school nstead and its the same night as the one at my school. o well! c'est la vie!...or howeva u spell it...and i should know i take french...im babbling one! dont mind mee my medication must b makin my drowsy! :p:D

Lil Lara
12th Oct 2002, 05:59
Homecoming at my school is the week of the 21st. I have no clue who is up for noms or even who we're playing at the game. hah.:p

anyhoo. The dance is the 26th and I'm not sure if my friend and I are going...neither of us have dates, sadly.:(

12th Oct 2002, 16:19
To bad..she seems realy nice.:D

All this homecoming talk..cant wait to highschool, maybe i can be homecoming queen *admires herself*:D :o

13th Oct 2002, 20:59
Yesterday, was 'fun'. lol

I was up to the High School of decorating by 7 am!!! On a weekend of all things!! I was there until noon, and was on my feet constantly. It was worth it though, because when we finished, the hallways looked really nice. :) I'll see if my friend's mom is going to send me any pics, that maybe I could post. lol

Our theme was Egyptian, although excluding the lobby, a lot of the decorations looked more Greek than Egyptian. Which is why next year, I want the theme to be Greek or Roman. :p

It was kind of funny though. While my friends were off at the dance, I was at Old Navy buying new clothes!! LMAO!! So it wasn't a complete loss. I got new clothes didn't I?? :p

I'll be mad though if someone complains about anything about the dance. We didn't spend 5 hours yesterday, and 3 hours every Sunday for the past 1 1/2 months to have the dance look crappy!!!

Lil Lara
14th Oct 2002, 03:34
oooh, egyptian..how coincidental. hehe.

so..new clothes is fun..but you didn't go? heh, and after all that decorating..

14th Oct 2002, 19:51
......and new shoes today!! lol Skipping a rehearsal to do so too. lol :p :D

Yeah, after almost a month and a half of working on decorations on weekends, and 5 hours in one day, I didn't go. I guess a ton of people though were asking where I was. I guess that's somewhat good. lol Right?

Lil Lara
19th Oct 2002, 20:57
i got my homecoming dress yesterday!

it is sooo pretty!

it is like a vibrant red strapless dress...kinda 40 ish stylie. i love it.

im going with my best friend and were going to have a blast. i would love to post a pic..perhaps if her dad takes a pic with his dig cam.

19th Oct 2002, 22:37
thats awesome lil lara! i hope u get pix taken and sent in :)
im going to my homecoming tonight :D actually im going to my boyfriends tonight...the one at my school is tonight too but they wont let us bring in anyone from another school...so im going to my boyfriends obviously. okay but i actually have to go to it now! byes! :D:D

Lil Lara
19th Oct 2002, 22:42
hope you have tuns of fun tonight, tombraiderchik:D