View Full Version : Murder at Bazaar crashing to desktop while loading

11th Oct 2002, 00:56
Iv played the game all the way to this point, with some crashes to desktop every few hours, but this is the case with all games on my comp, but when i get to Murder at Bazaar, every time it is loading it crashes to desktop, no errors or anything, i tryed entering the eaxdisable thing in the hitman.ini and also turned audio hardware acceleration all the way down in DXDIAG but nothing works, still crashing on just this map, i can load the previous saves perfectly fine, i also tried going to the mission before this one and completing it again, then continueing but still crashed on loading of Murder at Bazaar, any help would be greatly appreciated, or if someone can send me a saved game file for the mission right after this one maybe?

13th Oct 2002, 19:04
Hi, I had the same problem today. I did the following: I think it is because I reached savegame number 100, I am not sure. What I did was to erase all savegames, just not the last 5 or so and then I renamed them to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Then the game worked fine.
I am not sure if that was the problem. But for me it was the Bazaar too, when I saved between the house with the Sniper rifle and the Lt. House. Maybe the spot in the map causes the problems. I didn't continue testing that. I hope this helps.