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10th Oct 2002, 22:26
The other day I decided to play Blood Omen 2 for PS2 again. I haven't even touched the game since I beat it back around March. Well, I was reminded just how messed up this game is. I made it all the way to the end of the Eternal Fortress level and now it keeps on freezing. I remember a lot of people having similar problems back when it was released. I tried going back to other saves on the level, but it keeps happening. So, I've decided to just shelve the game. I'm sure not going to buy a newer copy of the game. Maybe I'll download it. Don't flame me for saying that either, I payed for it once. It's not my fault that it was a faulty product. I REALLY hope that Eidos spends some time with the next games in the series and fixes ALL the bugs, even if it delays the game's release for a year. Remember, there is no way to patch a console game.

10th Oct 2002, 22:39
Hey Drunkiam,
There should be no problems with the game freezing in the PS2 version of Blood Omen 2. If this is happening with your copy, then it could be defective, dirty, or scratched. I would recomend you contact Eidos for a replacement disc. There should be contact information in your instruction manual. If you have any questions about this, let me know.
Crystal Dynamics

11th Oct 2002, 02:31
I have the same problem DrunKiam does. My copy of BO2 has the capacity to freeze at any moment. I countered this by saving every time I reached a check point. I've been on other discussion boards and they all agree, the game is glichy. I like BO2 more now than I did when I first started playing it. But my copy is not dirty or scratched, and I don't think it's defective. I just think they rushed the reslease of it. Are any of the Cyrstal Dynamics people reading this right now? If you are, don't get me wrong. You guys are among my favorite game makers. I've said in other posts that I think you guys are talented game makers and I mean that.

Secrets Of Nosgoth
13th Oct 2002, 08:27
I went through the game a few weeks ago and it glitched out at least 3 times (which didn't break the game for me). One really wierd one was in the level with the crane and rock puzzle (I'll try to explain it well enough for everyone to try it).

It's the area where when you use Charm to charm some guy that is behind glass to press a lever. When you do that a one car train comes out of a door on the circular tracks. Then the door will shut shortly after, but if you get in that door before it shuts, you can find that there is a cliff next to a grey nothingness. If you jump off you never hit the ground, you keep falling forever.

Other times I'd jump out a window and instead of seeing textures, I would see the grey nothingness, but there would be walls where there normally is, you just couldn't see it.

I did buy my game used, don't know if that mattered at all. The game could have probably used a little bit (arguably alot) more work, but I still enjoy it a lot.