View Full Version : Questions about "Lord Bincliar."

Keeper Collins
10th Oct 2002, 20:15
I have just a few questios about this FM because I found most of the stuff. First,I'd like to get my greedy little hands on this "Death Mask." That's why I need to get the key to unlock the metal door in back rooms of the grave yard. How do I open it and were is this Death Mask? Second, there is a spider in the sewars sitting on a ledge. He must be gurding something important so how will I get up there and whats up there? And third in the sewars there is a cage door that lights up but won't open. I'm not talking about the secret entrance to Lord Bincliars Manor because I already got that. I'm talking about the cage door near were i heard a zombie. By looking down it all I can see on the other side of the door is some rocks. How do I open this?

10th Oct 2002, 21:24
It sounds like you're missing the key to the Binclair family tomb. I think it's on the desk in Lord Binclair's bedroom. It opens a locked grate in the sewers that leads into a flooded room. From there you can find a passageway up into the crypts, where you'll get the Mask. You can also go in through the graveyard and the same key should unlock the crypt door.

I don't think there's anything up by the spider in the sewers, though I'm not positive.