View Full Version : HELP!! How do you get through Plutonium Runs Loose

Mad Bomber
10th Oct 2002, 02:48
I have just started plaing this game via Yahoo's streaming games. I don't have the ability to save the game once I complete a specific task nor do I have the ability to use cheat codes.

How do you get past this level without cheating. I always seem to be overwhelmed by guards and I am cut down by the time I make it to the boat or the guy gets away.

Please help!

10th Oct 2002, 18:13
Dunno if this will help, but the farthest I've gotten is to arm yourself with the sniper rifle and as much ammo as you can carry. I have over $200k by this point, so money is not an issue. Climb up the ladder and immediately shoot the two guards in your sight. Remember, no one can get away.

Once you're up, change clothes to look like the soldiers, but keep the rifle. Zoom in to the guarded gate and wait for it to open for a soldier. Then quickly kill all three. Wait a while to make sure no patrollers will find the body (kill those that do), then move out a bit and take out that pesky sniper on the roof. Continue in this fashion; move and snipe. MAKE SURE ALL THE GUARDS IN AN AREA ARE DEAD BEFORE YOU PROCEED, or someone will find a body and alert Boris. and don't forget to look up. At every guarded gate, their's a soldier on a storage tank or a roof that you won't see until it's too late.

I haven't gotten to the end either, so if you get farther, lemme know what you're doing.

Mad Bomber
10th Oct 2002, 19:19
Thanks a ton, I will try it out and let you know how it came out. I will keep you posted as I get further down the line.

11th Oct 2002, 09:23
Here is a rough summary from memory. Kill the first guard and take his clothes, but don't kill any other guards. Proceed past the ship until you are get to a truck with a weapons cache. You will find a handy sniper rifle (walton) there as well as a car bomb. After using the sniper rifle on all the guards,, plant the bomb in the car. When Boris tries to escape he won't get far. You have not encountered the most difficult part of the mission yet. After Boris is informed of your presence, he will arm a pair of missiles which are set to detonate via a timer. You need to find the missiles and deactivate the timer within 5 mins. The missiles are at the bottom of the ship, however the ship is like a maze. You have to take the right stairs. Without access to the game, I am unable to give you the exact directions to th location. After having disabled the missiles, flip the engine switch in the engine room leading to the missiles, go to the bridge and attempt to undock. You will get a message that someone in engineering is overriding the controls. Go back all the way to the engine room where you found the missiles and eliminate the final seamen. Now you can flip the engine switch once again and go back to the bridge to navigate the ship out of the dock.

11th Oct 2002, 19:48
The most difficult part of not killing guards is getting through the gates.
You must wait until another guard on patrol walks up to a guarded gate and gives the password, then procedd through the gate with him. This is a very dicey practice, mostly because the game leaves you a very small window of opportunity. Even if you do everything right you might still set off the guards.
So try it, but don't be surprised if it frustrates you beyond belief.

In any case, once you get past the first gate you can get all the way to the truck without having to go through any others. Working out the route is tricky though. You have to stay clear of the dogs.
Once at the truck you can shoot you way in to the ship (through two guarded gates plus some guys on the roofs), but don't shoot anyone near the ship and the adjacent warehouses from far away.
If you walk in quietly and scope the area out, you'll see two guards walking around each warehouse and one by the car. Kill the guards patroling the warehouses quietly (you should have a silenced gun of some sort. me; I can't live without my silenced MP5), you should be able to do it so no one else notices. I get one and the hang around for the next one to discover him and then take care off that one before he runs off to warn people.
Then get the guy by the car and plant the bomb.
Next to can get the guy by himself at the back of the gangway up to the ship and take his clothes. Now you can wander around the ship pretty freely.
Note that if you find Boris or his short friend the alarm will be raised and the timer set off. But if you find the short guy you'll be pretty close to the bomb anyway.

21st Oct 2002, 23:11
To fully explain that mission is impossible. With my method (which is pretty foolproof so long has you can get the bomb in time) it takes at least 40 minutes to get past that mission.