View Full Version : Great game :D

9th Oct 2002, 23:01
I completed this tonight, and it was awesome.

One strange dissappointing thing was the fact that you took out the BEST thing that was in from Hitman 1? The Sniper Rifle Case.

I didn't like Hitman 1. Was far too rigid and unplayable, but the Sniper Gun CAse was a great thing and should have been kept for Hitman2 :(

Anyc chance of patching it back in?

Eiether way, Hitman 2 was everythin the first game failed to be. The blend of stealth, assasination, intrigue and guile came off brilliantly in the game and made every level a joy to play. I wish there were some more missions though, why are good games always too short and bad games too long??

The action physics were awesome, sniping people and watching them sprawl over the railings and flop to the ground was great fun.

And when all is said and done and the game is completed, I had just as much fun with . GOD MODE, SLO-MO DEATH, and ALL WEAPONS , and running around the packed levels excecuting every living thing and blasting out windows just for kicks :D

I hope you made some extra missions for this , or I wish there was a level builder. Hitman 2 custom missions would be awesome fun. Anychance of a level editor or some maps that didnt make the final game?

Well nice work, I really enjoyed this game. I hope Hitman 3 comes along soon :D

PS . The sound problem applies more than just to Soundblaster cards. I have the Hercules Fortissimo II Game Theater card and I had the same sound issues. I have to disable EAX and lower my hardware acceleration to get the game to play :)

Could use a patch :)

Strangely enough, the demo worked fine...