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9th Oct 2002, 22:56
Please note that I have used the spoiler tag. Select the text with your cursor to reveal the message in blue...

I haven't had any sound issues with this level, though I did have some weird screaching sounds an earlier level (one with all the radios and the interogation room).

Anyway, I've been trying to beat Shogun Showdown using stealth but so far I haven't found a way to pull it off. I got the key card , bomb and all the items (as far as I can tell). I'm at the point where I can get into the room with the Shogun but I'm not sure what to do.

I thought maybe I could blow him up with the bomb, but I wasn't able to whip that out w/o getting attacked. I tried detonating the bomb after setting it just outside the nearest laser door protection (one floor down from the room the shogun is in) but that didn't kill the shogun one level up (despite killing me if I was even a couple of levels below the blast).

I've spoken to the gal that was in the first Hitman and she didn't seem to do much for me. I also don't know what the signifcance of the "surveliance station" is (that little room in the middle of the castle with all the monitors and an alarm...there's a ninja in there right now).

I was hoping I could tie the bomb to the back of the asian woman and blow her up once she got close to the shogun but that doesn't appear to be an option either :D

Anyone know how I can make this one happen in a stealth manor? So far I've shown great restraint with my mass murder tendencies (I've only killed two people...one to get a uniform, the other because he was checking my ID) and I'd like to pull this one off.

I slaughtered everyone in the 'plant the homing device on the corspe mission". I'd like to make up for it :D

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

10th Oct 2002, 03:43
Nobody knows?

10th Oct 2002, 09:23
Place the bomb on the helicopter then go to the security station on floor 3. Press the alarm button and then quickly get down to the exit (no one should care about you as long as you're still disguised in a black ninja outfit). Wait by the exit and soon the Shogun will run down and jump into his copter. You know what to do, just detonate the bomb and no more Mr Shogun :) Then step into the exit.