View Full Version : How do you stop the motorcade

9th Oct 2002, 18:28
How do you stop the motorcade? i get the sniper rifle, and can make it to the roof overlooking the entrance. when i try to kill the big dog of the level i can not. What is the trick?

10th Oct 2002, 00:30
back passenger seat"the target". then sneak to the exit or get to the tower by the exit and take your shot. to my knowledge it doesn't stop until you shoot the man in the
i played through it again there are a few things you can do:
1. get to the towerright in front on the exit and sit as close to the top of the building and crouch wait for your shot, or shoot the driver. then the limo will stay put so you can have a still shot but the blue "un" guys are gonna dump m16s on ya when ya shot the driver so make the 2nd shot fast and haul your bar coded backside to the exit.
2.from your position mentoned in the prev post, crouch with your back to the mini wall and your shot will be when the motorcade is coming head on toward you stay a touch to the left you'll get a shot but again the m16 start dumping again
none of these methoids are stealth rated theyrequire being a lilttle mean

11th Oct 2002, 21:30
another method, when the convoy turns the corner and starts coming towards the city.
You should already be on top of one of the buildings, I like the one off to the left of the main road.
Use the M195 and shoot the engine on the lead UN vehicle.
This will stop the convoy in its tracks.
Easy pickings to take out the target from then.