View Full Version : New site & Journal!

Marcus T
9th Oct 2002, 17:43
I’ve been wanting to keep fans up to date on what’s going on in terms of projects. Now, I've got an online working journal, where people can keep themselves up to date, following my ideas, projects, progress, and so forth. This is a good place to follow up on my progress. Journal can be found here. (uk.geocities.com/marcustrogen/journal.html)

In addition, I will be presenting music and a bit of exclusive materials at times, on a mutual site together with my two friends Jayne Rakowski and Shannon Emigh. Right now I have a previously unreleased tune "Knight Chronicles" featured there. We will present both individual projects and mutual ones. This is another bookmark ladies and gentlemen, you can find our mutual site here: JayneRakowski.com (uk.geocities.com/jaynerakowski/index.html) And much as I hate to make it appear as a forum advertisement, connected to that, is our online forum In the Spotlight (pub22.ezboard.com/bnatalieportmanfans), maintained by Jayne Rakowski, where you can post your comments, questions, and ideas, or anything you’d like to say concerning the projects, or music in general. We'd love to see you drop by, but don't forget the place you came from ;)